Ireland are about to beat the Pakis and knock them out!!!


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Ireland need only 26 runs from 80 balls to beat Pakistan and knock them out of the world cup.

Go you good things


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Wouldnt surprise me but to the Irish blokes credit they played really well.

To draw with Zimbabwe and then beat the Pakis is a top effort from a non professional side.

Bangas beat India too.


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Fluffy, I'd reckon it would be possible to find 22 Zimbabweans still playing (or who have given up in disgust over the past two years) who could make the side ahead of the current mob - black and white.

I think you are generous to say they are a 6th string Australian side. I doubt the current mob could beat many Sydney Grade sides.


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Fluff try a few of these names on for size.

Grant Flower
Andy Flower
Heath Streak
Tatenda Taibu
Neil Johnson
Mark Vermeulen
Douglas Hondo
Pommie Mbangwa
Henry Olonga
Sean Ervine
Andy Blignaut
Grant Cremer
Blessing Mahwire
Ray Price
Guy Whittal
Paul Strang
Brian Strang
Craig Wishart
Travis Friend
Gary Ewing
Dion Ebrahim
Doug Marillier
Hamilton Mazakadza
Murray Goodwin

I just chucked it together so some of them more than likely would have retired by now, althought there are some very good younguns there, such as Taibu, Ervine and Blignaut.

put them with the few reasonable ones in there at the moment such as Matsikinyeri, and Sibanda, and particularly Sean Williams, and they are a very good team, yes they may not beat Australia all the time but they would do a lot better than they are doing.


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Add Carlile to that list - he scored a century against Australia at the SCG.

Also Adam Huckle

and then a plethora of very good players who have joined the Zimbabwean diaspora overseas but could have been ANYTHING:

Gary Norvall
The Dollar brothers
Kevin Butler
Craig Evans
Ian Campbell
Vincent Vera


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I don't understand where everyone is coming from with Monaghan. While I wouldn't rate him in the top 5 Hookers in the game like Byso, I certainly rate him. He keeps the structure completely tight, he defends like a demon when not directly on the try line, and his attack is improving slightly every week.

**** it - i lost

bloody ryan and his back to topic post

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May be of note to you Mata

Paul Strang now lives over here as a player/coach for an Auckland 1st grade side. See his name in the paper most week scoring runs and taking wickets


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I went to school with the Strang brothers. They struggled to make 1st XI back then - we had a lot of depth!

(I wasn't within cooee of 1st XI by the way, 1st XV was my go).

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