Intimidation factor is back

Besides a certain injured Kiwi Bulldog, we seem to have three of the biggest hitters in the game - Menzies, Lulu and Bryant. Lulu's hit on Price nearly sent him all the way back to Belmore. Price was shocked. Menzies had two massive hits as well. When Beaver is hitting big, we all know it means he's in the mood for a big game. And we all know what Bryant can do. It appears opposing teams are beginning to fear us again. That hasn't happened since the days of big Spud Carroll running around and causing havoc. Even the commentators keep going on about our hitting power. I for one am absolutely loving it. I reckon there are a few Dragons forwards who will be spending a few more hours in the bathroom this week.......... 8)

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Yes Kylie's hit was a beel ringer, similar to Beaver's hit on Anasta last week against the Rorters.

Good to see if the forwards fire up in attack and defence we are on our way to the Top 4.


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loving the depth we have at the moment, its gonna be the difference throughout the year, we could put 2 good forward packs on the firled if we need to and we have options god forbid should one of our halves get injured. stand outs for the eagles this year will be bryant and cuthbo in the forwards and lulu if he can stay away form the judicary, in the backs id like to see more form our wingers, but steve bell, best buy for 06 so far.
That hit on Wiki was an absolute bell-ringer. Stopped him in his tracks. It's great to see Beaver fired up like this. It's like he's back to when he was the biggest and best tackler in the game.


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It was a good weekend for bone jarring tackles ,I think the team as a whole(minus dunley) defended really well.Theres a bit of talk on here today knocking the forwards. I think they all played well & all are getting better,as long as the forwards are going forward ,i am happy.
I think Kite is worth what he,s on, he isnt playing his best ,but he will sooner or later , as long as we are winning i dont think we need to bitch so much.

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