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Interviews with players

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Ella Kasmar, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Ella Kasmar

    Ella Kasmar Well-Known Member

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    Hello everyone :)

    As some of you know, I'm in year 10, a crazy Manly supporter and I write a weekly article for the Manly Daily.

    So of course I aspire to be a sports journalist when I'm older - a truthful one of course!

    At the moment I am only doing writing journalism pieces but I was wondering if you guys would like to see me do interviews with some of the players (don't know if it would be writing or video). I love following the other grades too (Holden Cup, NSW Cup etc.) so maybe it could be some players from there too.

    It's just an idea for now but please let me know if you'd like to see this :)

    Go Manly :h:

    Twitter: @ellakasmar
    Instagram: @ellakasmar47
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    • Fibro Eagle

      Fibro Eagle Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Sounds like a good idea Ella and im sure it would benefit us fans and yourself
    • dowdz

      dowdz Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Would love that. Especially hearing about and from some of the lower grade guys.
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      • Menzies11

        Menzies11 Well-Known Member

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        I think that would be a great idea. Finally some truthful insite from some one who loves the club. Show these ' so called' journalists how it's done at the Sea Eagles.
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        • Killer03

          Killer03 Well-Known Member

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          Top idea. Would love to see some exposure for the lower grade guys and the lesser lights. I'm sure it will go great!
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          • simon_eagle

            simon_eagle Well-Known Member

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            It's a thumbs up from me, Ella!
          • Brooke

            Brooke Well-Known Member

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            Absolutely. Go Girl! Follow your passion.
          • Eagleheart

            Eagleheart Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            That sounds really great Ella, you have my support for sure.....! And interviews across all grades (not just first grade) would be fantastic too. :)
          • Dan

            Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            I'm happy to setup a section on the site for you and give you permissions to post articles too if you like
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            • ManlyMatt

              ManlyMatt Well-Known Member

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              Great to see a high school student working towards a goal like that! Way to go @Ella Kasmar. Looking forward to some great interviews. Don't think there are many posters that wouldn't support this.
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              • globaleagle

                globaleagle Je saisis mon chapeau. Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                lol.....c'mon you guys.....You really think a young lady in grade 10 is asking us about interviewing a whole lotta young fit guys for 'journalistic' purposes? :p

                :giggle: just teasing @Ella Kasmar I reckon it'd be interesting. The lower/younger grade guys may be easier with their time and it'd be good to hear from them...or any manly player.

                So go for it!!!
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                • niccipops

                  niccipops un echidna spillo mia bevanda Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                  Ella, give me a call. I'll hold the camera.
                  Oh, and when it's Wolfman's turn he must be shirtless.
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                  • Loobs

                    Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

                    +9,066 /306
                    Ella, what other things are you doing to pursue this outside of the Eagles stuff? Are you reading a lot of classic sportswriting? (I'll shy away from using "journalism" because that whole area is a bit of a dogs breakfast). Do you have other writers whose style is an influence?

                    It's a good idea to consume as much of the "good stuff" as you can when you're younger to help shape your voice and to set you apart from other journos. Aim to be a writer, and it's not just about sports specifically. Try to find and tell the story that's there, lurking. And then you can chuck in the facts. But always look for the story and build it from there.
                  • EagleBoi13

                    EagleBoi13 Well-Known Member

                    +231 /2
                    great idea, thanks Ella
                  • southsideeagle

                    southsideeagle Well-Known Member Premium Member

                    +523 /13
                    There is enormous scope to provide information about up and coming players. We get fed so much rubbish. What I want is to know is how they train, what their goals are, the different trainers they have etc.

                    You have the disadvantage of being "just a kid" but remember these players need publicity to improve their financial situation. I would recommend that you allow the player to read your report before publishing. This is not normally done but will give confidence to those being interviewed.

                    Good luck
                  • master blaster

                    master blaster Well-Known Member

                    +858 /5
                    most Definitely Miss Ella,that would be great

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