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Would Joel Monaghan have made the NSW State of Origin Squad of 30 had he been playing with the Sea Eagles this year?

Remember he was lured to the Rorters with the promise of Origin football.


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no i think the wingers for nsw have been reserved for lewis and rooney,they were good last year and played for aussie.and to be honest he has turned out to be **** so far.


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Id say no, based on his ****house form.

Cross, wing and fitzgibbon made it - so its not like they were blacklisted


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With the Rorters he has been stuck out on the wing in a team sputtering with inneffective 5/8ths.

At Manly he would have been playing in his preferred centre position in a team at the top of the table.

Do you think his form, profile and therefore prospects might have been just a little better?


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Not enough to have made the origin squad.

There would be plenty of centres above him and i would think cross would be the player he needed to knock off.

but i can see what you mean.


And the fact that he would've been playing in the same team as his brother...
I think he would've been alot handier then both of the centres we have set to start the match this week but as far as rep teams go it's hard to hazzard a guess.
I will say this- I think that he would've been alot more at home at Manly and playing in our backline than the Roosters who have little time to give players in getting used to the team. The Roosters have plenty of handy replacements in most positions waiting in the wings so players don't have as much time to impress- could you see Stevo staying the the centres for as long as he has at Manly at the Roosters.

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Well if he can't make it when his club coach is NSW coach, I doubt he would have made it playing for us. However he woudl have looked like champion next to either Tezza/Steppa


Country for sure.

Possibly Origin if he was playing really well. Which would have been a possibility considering how we are playing.

Stupid decision by him.


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I thought Cross was ordinary in the City/Country game but his saving grace is scoring 6 tries in 9 games compared to 3 by Joel. I don't believe either should make the 17 cut. Even Rooney's form is below that of last year.

Having suffered Gould for the last few years I just had a bad taste watching his replacement Ricky in front of the press conference. You know they are going to load up with Rorters same way the Broncos have Berrigan, Civoniceva and even Carrol crack it for an Aussie spot under Bennett.

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I was also unimpressed that Stuart rated City Country as a vital selection trial and yet he was at the Dogs watching his own pup run rather than up in Lismore checking the form. He normally sits on the sideline so he can't use the paltry excuses.

The selectors normally give the coach what he wants so it is left for me to assume that the side was already picked or that Stuart has let the side down badly.

Series will be very interesting.

I may be wrong but I sense a QLD revival and reckon they will win!

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