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Having deputised as Newcastle skipper several times when Andrew Johns was injured, Kennedy had been earmarked as a possible captain when he joined the Sea Eagles but was initially not interested.

\"I said that I definitely didn't want to do it last year because I was coming to a new club and had enough on my plate and I'd never really thought much more about it until Des called me into the office [on Monday] and formally asked me,\" Kennedy said. \"After listening to his spiel about the job I was delighted to accept it but I can't see anything changing too much.

After leading the Sea Eagles to the play-offs last year for the first season since 1997, Monaghan was disappointed to lose the captaincy but Hasler said Kennedy was \"the best on-field leader in the club\". \"He [Monaghan] was disappointed and that's the reaction I would have expected, but he realises he faces challenges and it is best that he does that without the captaincy issue hanging over his head,\" Hasler said. \"He has been one of our best trainers in the off-season and has impressed everyone with his attitude.\"
Reading between the lines BK was the preferred captain last year but he declined the position to establish himself.

Also good to note that Monaghan has trained well and has a positive attitude.


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Reckon they'll start Monas as hooker in the first trial. Will give Burns a chance to show whether he is ready for first grade at 5/8.

If he doesn't impress in the trials expect Monas to start the season with the number 6.

The Wheel
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Monas has built up apparently during the off season - his future I reckon is in the forwards however is handy back up half or 5/8


Journey Man
i hope your right clon but i get the feeling witt will play the first 5 rounds or so, fail again and then it will be burns or monas


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Where did Jason Wells play in the trial? Can't he play 5/8-lock, could give him a go, or even Clint Halden? There are a few options open for Manly at the moment.

The Wheel
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I didn't see the game but I believe he played in the back row.

The Fonz

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I've changed my mind on this matter.

06. Monaghan
07. Orford
09. Willow/Dunley

Dunley will play his normal role with willow having a break and maybe used as another second row late in the game.
i would like to see Monnas as starting hooker,with Witty as 5/8 and then give (Monty) Burns a go if Wittys defence has not improved

how good is it to have so many options for key positions compared to the last few years


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HIs attack will have needed to improve significantly - averaged about 1 try assist for every 5 games last year

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