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I HAVE a problem with the suspension dished out to Parramatta PROP Fuifui Moimoi.

There's something familiar about the seven-week term - it's the same stretch Billy Slater and Adrian Morley have had imposed on them this season.

Can anyone honestly compare the offences, or at least the impact of the offences?

In the Slater and Morley incidents, the "victims" got up quickly and played on; they missed no football and their teams weren't penalised by the illegal actions of others.

In the Moimoi case, the victim, Manly forward Brent Kite, played no further part in an important game and looks set to miss up to three games as his team struggles to make the finals.

If the offences were similar enough to warrant similar suspensions, I reckon Moimoi should start serving his time only when Kite is back playing.

I'll go further and suggest that all suspensions resulting from incidents in which an opponent is hurt should, within reason, start when the injured player is back playing.

At least then justice would be seen to be done.

This was cut straight from FOXSPORTS, what does everyone think about it????
Sounds good in theory but what about cases like McCracan who never played again. Would be open to manipulation by certain clubs, say for instance Joey Johns is suspended for a tackle on a fill in player from another club. Would it be in that clubs best interest to say their player was injured more than he was in order to keep Joey out a bit longer.

Good idea in principle but would need firm guidelines in place.


I'm not sure if i agree with the concept, but i think to solve the problem of clubs feigning a players injury to keep a suspended player out longer, the NRL could employ a doctor who would assess players and see if they were fit to play.


penalties should be based on intent and not injury.

I actually think Fui got what he deserved , a high tackle can always be blamed on a tackle gone wrong, HOWEVER morley should have got longer for his Knee, there is no accident or careless there, it was completely full of intent and he should have got way longer than 7 weeks.

again , the fact that he missed his target shouldnt have come into it, if Hughes was half a foot closer and het copped it in the J Crackers that could have caused irriversable damage way beyond the ability to play footy!

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