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This will interest those that have played at five eighth. You will catch my drift.

Assume you're standing under the goalposts at the Southern end. Filed looks flat right? Not according to Google Earth. Here are some interesting elevations that, if true, would have ramifications for a side, particularly their kicking game.

1. When you run the 100m from Southern to northern end, you run uphill by two feet. I wonder how many sides come home strong in the second half running TO the southern end, despite the fact that this would be against the prevailing winter wind?

2. At the southern end, the ground slopes away to the west by 5 foot but to the east by only 1 foot. Thus if you're running towards the southern end and hunting a 40/20, it's better to kick to towards the Arko stand as the ball will run away more.

3. Running towards the Northern end, the ground falls away to the West by 1 foot but rises to the east by a foot. Therefore, if you want to keep the ball in play, kick east towards the hill. You're more likely to get a 40/20 kicking to the west (Jane Try stand).

4. The in goal area at the southern end DROPS by 1 foot. Therefore, if you're trying to keep the ball from going dead, you'd have to "feather" the ball to get a result.
The in goal also drops off to the sides markedly - 5 foot to the west and 4 foot to the south. So don't kick to the corners.

5. In contrast, the in goals at the Northern end slope UPWARD! By 2 foot up the middle and to the west and by 6 foot(??) between the goal post and the top western corner. I question if the rise is that much, you should be able to see it with the naked eye. Regardless, if true you're far more likely to have success keeping the ball in the in goal when attacking the northern (hill) end, especially if you kick west towards the Jane Try stand.

Now someone will come on and say that the ground has been laser levelled in the off season. But it is food for thought?


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I have played many games on Brookie. The theory was always to run to the Southern end in the second half, the wind was generally behind you.

I also now know why that after I had run 80 metres after taking an intercept I got tackled in front of the goal posts at the northern end, I had been running uphill the whole bloody way. I was tackled by a winger who was tracking across the uphill slope.

I hope all my Narraweena teammates now understand why I didn't quite make the distance.


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I have found that most often in Australia the conventional wisdom is to have the use of the wind in the first half? Or is that a recent occurence?


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We are talking over 20 years ago, different times, different theories. Convention of that time was to have use of the wind in the second half.

Could have lot to do with our fitness levels then (lack of!)


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very interesting - but i know google earth isnt accurate - it can be the opposite in some areas such as my work where it has yard 1 higher than yard 2 - there is about 5m difference the opposite way.


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Matas youve obviously got too much time on your hands :)

Havent you got some scathing critique to write???


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you cna finish the Accor documentation I am writing for me if you have nothing to do. it is both boring me to tears and frustrating me


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I hear Zorba was scurrying around the Oval today with a tape measure and one of those silly tripod things that Enginequeers use for perving on other blokes.


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[quote author=Fro]
Matas youve obviously got too much time on your hands :)

Havent you got some scathing critique to write???

Missing them are you?


Yeah all these mellow vibes are getting too much for me


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Well if it restores your faith I've just discovered that I've lost 70 demerit points over at MSE.

I'm hanging by a thread. ;)


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always take the wind in the first half. There is no guarantee that the wind will be as strong or blowing in the sane direction in the second half.
It has happened plenty of times with teams that i have played in or coached. Take the wind in the first half only to have it swing and benefit you for the second stanza.

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