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Journey Man
Who would win out of a "best of side" compiled from the West Indies sides of 1975-1995 and the Australian teams from 1995 to 2005?

I reckon this fool isn't too far off the mark (for once).

Haynes/Greenwich are number 1 of all time but Langer/Hayden are a close 2nd and will keep closing the gap until their innings is up. Hayden holds the all time record of 1000 runs in 4 straight calendar years with a 5th consecutive year looking likely needing just 109 more runs with possibly 5 more innings plus whatever he puts on today. The Windies combo managed to both score centuries 3 times in their career together, all at home, the Aussie duo have managed it a record 6 times, 4 at home and twice away. The Aussie duo also boasts more centuries and a higher average in less test matches played.

Unless you ignore the facts these 2 combos are much closer than most would think with a small points to the Windies.

1st Drop

The Windies had a good combination of middle order batsman That was kicked off by the great Viv Richards. Richards was one of the greatest number 3’s in history add to this he was a superb leader. Richards holds the record for number of runs in a calendar year amounting 1701 from 11 tests but who holds second spot? Asutralias number 3 Ricky Ponting smashed out 1532 runs in a calendar year also from 11 tests with an average of over 100. He boasts an impressive record for less than 100 tests, with an average over 55 and 25 centuries to his name and at just 30 years old has many more runs in him.

Middle Order

At 4 you Have Richie Richardson. A classic player with consistent performances both home and away. For the Aussies David Boon can step up to the mark. Not as elegant as Richardson, Boony still got the job done. As you read the players stats they are neck and neck with a toss of the coin between them although Boony does have the better Mo! At Number 5 it’s Brian Lara for the West Indies and Steve Waugh for Australia. 2nd and 3rd respectively in all times runs scored these 2 are great of the game. Waugh is one of the most determined players to ever pull on the gloves and Lara just sheer class. Next in for the Windies is Lloyd, a strong batsman with a world class average over 45. The Aussies weakest position by far with Martyn getting the nod based on a 2 year period of dominance where he scored a century every 3 matches. The Windies have the middle order covered but allow the Aussies to go back to the early 90’s and swap Martyn with Allen Border and the Aussies come out on top.

Wicket Keeper

When Adam Gilchrist replaced Ian Healy for the first time, the Aussie public cried blue murder. This hatred was replaced by adoration by the time Gilly left the ground after his first innings. Possibly the most spectacular batsman to play the game Gilchrist has become one of the best wicket keepers in the game. His keeping to Warne where he is often unsighted is exceptional. Dujon for his time was a very good wicket keeper and reasonable batsman with a batting average of almost 32. He laid the groundwork for the Gilchrists and Sangakara’s but this is about performance on the field and there is daylight between the 2.

Spin Bowling

Warne – 634 wickets – enough said. The Aussies have hidden in their side possible the second best every wrist spinner in MacGill who averages more than 5 wickets a match. The West Indies have nobody not that it proved a problem.

Pace Bowling

The Windies forte was a 4 pronged pace attack, with Garner, Holding, Marchal, Ambrose and Walsh all worth mentioning. This was the golden era of pace, wickets were prepared to suit and all in all it was a tremendous spectacle. Ambrose, Garner and Marshall all boast an average of just under 21. So what do the aussies have to offer – Oooh Aaah Glenn McGrath – the most accurate and consistent pace bowler of all time. Add to that the world record holder for most wickets by a pace bowler and 3rd all time behind his team mate Warnie and the Sri Lankan finger spinner Muraliduran. In a time where batsman have dominated McGrath has a tremendous average of 21 and has formed the most frustrating and effective partnership of all time with Shane Warne. Australia hasn’t got the depth to match the West Indies in pace attack with Gillespie ([email protected]), McDermott ([email protected]), Reiffel ([email protected]) and Lee ([email protected]) Backing up McGrath over the years.

Head to head with averages


Hayden (53.18) – Greenwich (44.72)
Langer (45.90) – Haynes (42.29)
Ponting (56.75) – Richards (50.23)
Boon (43.65) – Richardson (44.39)
Waugh (51.06) – Lara (53.44)
Border (50.56) – Lloyd (46.67)
Gilchrist (52.43) – Dujon (31.94)


Warne ([email protected]) – Ambrose ([email protected])
McDermott ([email protected]) – Marshal ([email protected])
Gillespie ([email protected]) – Holding ([email protected])
McGrath ([email protected]) – Garner ([email protected])

Its obvious from the batting averages that the Aussies have played in a batsman dominant era. This just shows how fantastic Warne and McGrath actually are.

So head to head, how would they go??

To claim that the 5 tests the Australians have played against struggling nations in the time has skewed average is a bit unfair, the Windies had the Kiwis to beat on in their golden era.

If it turns Warne will win it. If it’s a fast bowlers paradise then the Windies will come up trumps. So its comes down to where they would play.

One things for sure – It’s a game that id love to watch.
Interesting our batting appears stronger but theier bowlers are superior (based upon averages). Depends on the wicket agreen top we get slaughtered while a spin friendly wicket Warney goes through them.
Yes Fluff, It was obvious. sorry I thought you would detect the sarcasm inherent in my post

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