Is this loser making a mockery of state of ORIGIN ?
After watching the game on TV, Inglis didn't seem to come under any extra pressure from the crowd or players. Is this the case or can someone who went to the game tell me any different ?
This guy should've had his stupid, back stabbing head knocked off his shoulders tonight. If a boy from Longreach was to wear the sky blue he would be villified by the entire state of QLD, but we seem to have no problems with traitors.
Why should this d1ckhead be able to get away with the crime he committed.

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He comes from Nambucca Heads, represented NSW 17s and because he joined the Storm he played a few games for Brisbane Norths - this somehow makes him a QLDer.

He did bounce back okay and he is only 19


I read in the Sun Herald that he was born in Kempsey and raised in Macksville.
He played his first game in QLD for Brisbane Norths as the feeder team for Melbourne Storm who he signed to as a senior.
The guy is no Queeslander. If he doesn't want to play for his state of origin, he shouldn't play state of origin.
He's more Victorian than Queenslander, and that is hardly at all.
There should be no room for people like him in the marqee event of the NRL. New South Welshmen sould play for New South Wales or be busy preparing for their club duties.


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he played his forst game for QLD, that makes him a queenslander

He wouldnt get a sniff for NSW at the moment so good luck to him

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Hodgson played well and made one mistake that cost us 4 points. All fullbacks make a mistake - it just costs more and stands out.

Nambucca Heads and Macksville are 7 kms apart by the way. Virtually twin towns though the locals may not see it that way.


he played his forst game for QLD, that makes him a queenslander

He wouldnt get a sniff for NSW at the moment so good luck to him

Wouldn't get a sniff? He's the form fullback atm, so he definately would have had a chance after the Count pulled out.


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I can't recall Hodgson making a big impact, except for the mistake. Which bought QLD back into the game.

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I diisagree Byso - I thought his positional play was excellent, he brought the ball back very safely and well and apart from the mistake he was solid and sound. He made several half breaks as well though lacked a close understanding to be the threat that he is when playing for the Tigers.


I'm with you CW i thought without being dazzling Hodgson did alot of little things right... was always quick to get to the ball on his kick returns meaning his positional play was good.

When he plays for the tigers he usually plays a Matyy Bowen like game as in comes from the back to be an extra ball player.. he didn't seem to do alot of this last night... not sure if it was on his own accord or coaches orders though?

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