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Winging it
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Jul 15, 2004
THEY’RE formidable on the field ... so we bet you never thought you’d see the Manly Sea Eagles playing dress-ups.


`Queen' Chris Bailey as he appears on the calendar.

After a difficult year on and off the field, the boys have got together to show fans they haven’t lost their sense of humour.
For the first time, the players have put together a 2011 calendar featuring themselves in some ... well, colourful poses.
There’s David “Wolfman” Williams as the wicked witch, Dean Whare as the devil and Chris Bailey, who is heading to England next season, fittingly dressed as the Queen. Anthony Watmough makes a cameo appearance as Elvis, while winger Michael Robertson dons the silks of a Melbourne Cup jockey.
“It was just a bit of fun and a way of raising a bit of money for the club and a few charities,” Robertson said yesterday. “The boys had a ball doing it - I think a few of them were pretty attached to their outfits.” The Seasons of Manly 2011 calendars will be on sale in time for Christmas. The Daily will publish more details on when and where you can purchase them next week.


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