Indigenous Week

The AFL just had an Indigenous Week and by the look of things it was quite successful. Why doesn't the NRL implement one of these? It would be a way to better the relationship between the game's Administration, and the Aboriginal community. Yet another thing we are lagging behind the AFL with.....
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I have never been able to see why sports seem to owe something to indigenous communities?
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The NRL support Breast Cancer through the annual Captains Table Dinner. Should that not be supported by sporting bodies?

I have no problem with any worthwhile group getting support from any major sporting body. We (anglo saxons) essentially stuffed our indigenous population and screwed them over well and good.
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The indigenous pop in Oz is below 5% of the total. In Rugby League it must be up around the 20% mark of all players. Therefore it's in RL interest to acknowledge their existance and their contribution Flip you imbecile. Besides we might attract some good ones our way.
They did.
The Dogs v Cows game.

Kids were flown down from FNQ to Brisvegas & the jumpers are being auctioned off to raise money for issues affecting the aboriginal community.

Go easy fellas.
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But why are they singled out. Our generation didn't ruin their people.

It is a poor attempt at portraying your sport as non-racist.

Perhaps we need to weight it up with a non-aboriginal week.
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Besides we might attract some good ones our way.

Can't forget the personal gains that could be made from it.

That defeats the good will purpose of it and is exactly my point.
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The point is to attract indigenous players our way Flip. They're talented it's acknowledgment, and it makes people feel good about their race. You can have your white week some other time for all I care. How about Xmas, that's always pretty white.
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The question is, what does an Aboriginal week gain for the population of indigenous people?

I have aboriginal blood and it doesn't do jack **** for me.

Its so that the game gets a good reputation and appears that they are accepting of all people.

Maybe more aboriginals will come play league. Great, we'll make more money.

The fact is if the NRL or AFL cared so much it wouldn't be one week for aboriginals. It would be every week, everyday for all walks of life.

As for what a week would do for aboriginal in general, I would imagine not a lot.
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OK Flip, You're best forgotten and ignored. In fact, I'm going to ignore you right now. There, feel better.
I don't think it matters whether our Generation 'owes them something' or not. I think it would be a nice way to recognise their contribution the the sport. The Aboriginal players they interviewed in the AFL seemed pretty appreciative of it all, Goodes especially. It also encourages them to play rugby league, and not another sport.
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OK Flip, You're best forgotten and ignored. In fact, I'm going to ignore you right now. There, feel better.

Its funny, this is the first time I've ever noticed you post.
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Don't lie Flip, you're always reading my posts, I can tell. And I think you're pretty impressed as well. That's OK. Relax.

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