I'm so sorry: Fuifui

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I'm so sorry: Fuifui

By Dean Ritchie
August 3, 2006

IT was the tackle that cost Fuifui Moimoi up to $50,000 in wages - but right now the suspended Parramatta forward's deepest regret is the damage he inflicted on Manly's Brent Kite.

A remorseful Moimoi last night told The Daily Telegraph of his distress over the high tackle that went horribly wrong last weekend and left Kite's immediate playing future in doubt.

"I don't go out to hurt anyone," Moimoi said in his first interview. "I'm very sorry for the whole thing.

"Brent Kite is one of the best props in the game and I'm sorry I hurt him. But I'm not a dirty player. I've let my teammates down. I know that - and I've also let down my family and our supporters."

Moimoi was speaking as his teammates prepared for tomorrow night's blockbuster against St George Illawarra at Parramatta Stadium.

Moimoi has been shattered by the seven-match suspension after paying for his mum Finau to fly from Tonga to Sydney to watch him play.
"I'm on an incentive deal at Parramatta so this suspension will cost me a lot of money," he said.

"It has also cost me the chance to play the next seven weeks and possibly the finals.

"I've just paid for my mum to come out from Tonga to watch me play. She can't now.

"But I'll keep training hard and hopefully Parramatta can keep winning.

"I'd love to play for New Zealand in the Tri-Nations later this year."

Signed by Parramatta on an incentive deal, Moimoi's suspension will cost the Eels forward up to $50,000.

Eels coach Jason Taylor yesterday described Moimoi as "one of the best front-rowers in the competition".

"I'm very disappointed for him," Taylor said.

"But in the end it was probably fair enough. He's an aggressive player, no doubt. That's why he is so valuable.

"People think he's a machine on the field who runs over people.

"But Fuifui is very shy and isn't keen to talk to the media.

"We love him here at Parramatta."

Parramatta have now lost six props through injury and suspension, with Taylor forced to shift back-rower Chad Robinson into prop for the Dragons game.

"No more, that's enough," said Taylor, when asked about his club's front-row shortage.

"But we'll be OK. We'll get on with it. We give ourselves a chance."

Kite has taken a short holiday with his family on the Central Coast to rest and recover. Manly have the bye this weekend.
I'm so sorry: Fuifui

If thats the extent of the apology & if it is reported accurately then I have no sympathy for him.

It does nothing to evidence a genuine remorse directed to Kite himself. Without knowing that he has made direct contact with Brent then I can have nothing but disdain.

If you read it closely, his statement that he is sorry is immediately followed by "BUT im not a dirty player" Self justification & defence smacks to me of denial.

And Fui its more important that you have caused great harm to Brent Kite a fellow NRL player, and let his teammates and the fans of Manly down. We dont care that you are focused on yourself, your teammates and your club rather than the player you have injured and could have potentially paralysed.

So you have lost a lot of money you say. And spent money on family flying out here you say. As a famous con artist once said tough titties.

Your own coach summed it up with "But in the end it was probably fair enough. He's an aggressive player, no doubt"

So save the fake apologies and save all of us from your self serving statements. :naughty:
I'm so sorry: Fuifui

I love these sympathy stories with players sitting with their mothers and suggesting that butter wouldn't melt in their mouth etc. (We got the same with Hoppa each time.)

Bottom line is that he is a serial offender and has to pay his time.

He may feel genuine remorse - and rightly so. It is the spin doctors in the media that sicken me. Just like the tripe on Morley last week when he was presented a a choir boy and victim of a cruel system out to get him!!!
I'm so sorry: Fuifui

I believe moi moi's 7 weeks should be on top of the lenght of time Brent Kite will miss through injury. As should any sickening tackle.

That tackle could potentialy end a season. Why then, should the player at fault get to come back. IMO, he shouldn't. You end a season then you end your own too. 7 weeks? Bah, kite gets 6 and he doesn't do a thing wrong? Justice.....? no.

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