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I'm no Des Hasler clone, says Geoff Toovey

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Oct 12, 2011.

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    IN a wide-ranging interview with Dean Ritchie, Manly coach-in-waiting Geoff Toovey reveals how he plans to keep Sea Eagles on top of the NRL.

    Ritchie: Do you think the turmoil since winning last week's grand final has tarnished the club's glorious season?

    Toovey: I do. It's been a fantastic season, one none of the experts predicted at the start of the season. This has taken the gloss off the team's sensational performance.

    Ritchie: The premiers deserve better. It's a shame.

    Toovey: It is a shame but those are the facts. It doesn't make the achievement for the players any less. But it would have been nice to have celebrated the victory a little bit longer.

    Ritchie: Even the presentation night was subdued for the players.

    Toovey: As I said, it probably took the gloss off the win.

    Ritchie: There will be huge pressure on you, coaching a famous club and guiding a side that has won two of the past four premierships.

    Toovey: It's massive. After this year, it is hard to go any further, I suppose. But the fans realise that. With the salary cap, it is hard to be successful, successful, successful.

    Ritchie: Will the fans expect a premiership first up in 2013?

    Toovey: I don't think they will - but that's what we will be trying for.

    Ritchie: What kind of coach will you be?

    Toovey: Look, I have learned under Des. I have taken a lot on board about the structure, so I won't be changing too much. But I will have my own style. I look forward to developing that style as we move forward.

    Ritchie: Will you be a Des clone?

    Toovey: A Des clone? No, I'll be my own person. But like anyone who has been around a winning team, I will take some facets from Des because he has been so successful.

    Ritchie: Like any new coach, I gather you will need to get in there and take ownership of the team.

    Toovey: Oh yeah, that's with any coach. But you don't throw away things that are important. Des has been a good mentor to me and I look forward to keeping some of the structures and the techniques that Des has developed.

    Ritchie: Exactly what are those structures and techniques?

    Toovey: Winning grand finals would be a good one. There are the systems and regimented routines that he goes through each week so that players are familiar with their roles and responsibilities.

    Ritchie: How did you think the club handled the Peter Peters affair?

    Toovey: I'd rather not talk about that. I wasn't involved with it but it was a shame the way things worked out.

    Ritchie: How do think the Hasler situation was handled?

    Toovey: You'd have to ask Des about that. He got a fantastic opportunity from the Bulldogs. He has decided to leave, which is unfortunate for the club, but we will move forward. Des has done a great job and he wants to go back-to-back.

    Ritchie: Leagues club and football club chairman Bob Reilly wants Cliff Lyons and Steve Menzies to work with you as assistants. Your thoughts?

    Toovey: Everyone has to take a deep breath. I haven't spoken to anyone. I still have a year to run under Des. That (assistant coaches) won't be decided for a long while.

    Ritchie: Will you need some coaches with experience alongside you?

    Toovey: That would be the preferred option.

    Ritchie: Will you have to completely rebuild the team if the coaching staff do leave with Hasler for Belmore?

    Toovey: That's just speculation. We all have to take a deep breath. There will be a little bit of rebuilding and I am looking forward to that.

    Ritchie: Do you fear that any of the five players who have get-out clauses in their contracts will activate them?

    Toovey: That's not my concern. They have to do what they think is right for them. All I can do is build a happy, successful football team.

    Ritchie: Have the players pledged their allegiance to you?

    Toovey: I haven't spoken to them. But we have a happy culture here this year and there will be a happy culture next year and in 2013. Things aren't going to change. It will be the same happy place it has been for the last few years.

    Ritchie: Will you now stay off the field as a trainer and spend more time in the coaching box with Hasler?

    Toovey: I haven't spoken to Des but my role hasn't changed. I am still the assistant coach and assisting to Des to, hopefully, win another premiership. I don't see my role changing in the operational side of things but maybe some things could later behind the scenes.

    Ritchie: Will you be a philosophical coach or one that rants and raves?

    Toovey: I haven't decided yet. You have to mix it up a little bit. I would hate to pigeon-hole myself into one area. It's yet to be seen. I have a year to develop that style.

    Ritchie: You were a tough and combative kind of a player. Will that transfer into the coaching box?

    Toovey: The television cameras are fixated on Des in the coaching box - that's because he is passionate. I won't be any less passionate about getting the best out of the team each week.

    Ritchie: Manly is a political hot-bed.

    Toovey: I don't know whether it is. My theory is that if the systems aren't working, then you can't have success. Under Des, we have had some great success. If there have been any problems, Des has coped with them well.
    Ritchie: There are four shareholders at Manly - Penn Sports, Quantum, Manly Leagues Club and the football club. Can it work?

    Toovey: Is it workable? We have won two grand finals in the past four years. Something has to be working.

    Ritchie: Were you nervous when initially told you had the top job?

    Toovey: There was undeniable anxiety. But that is part and parcel of having responsibility at the club.
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      Doesn't muck around our Tooves. Straight to the point. I like it
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      Good on ya Tooves!!

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