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Kiwi Eagle

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Cuthberson !!!!

We are now seeing what all the PL hype was all about

Sign him up on an extended contract, with decent coin, to lock him up.
We need him to play for us for a long time. He is a difference maker, and a premiership winning wildcard in the future. and a type of player that is very very rare in the game these days


First Grader
My big concern with him was he tended to always try and force the offload but he is picking his times well so far. Based on this performance he deserves to be in the top 17.

Afa also looks good!!!!

Chip and Chase

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Played well tonight, and probably lived up to the hype that we have been hearing about for 3 seasons now. Did a couple of bad things amongst the good, but deserved his MOTM award.

Lets hope that they don't coach that offload out of him, if he is selective with it it'll be a real match winner. Reminds me of BK a little.


Journey Man
Don't forget he missed the tackle that led to the Flanaghan try. His interview was revealing. Obviously still no love lost between Cuthbo and Hasler and also confirmed Fluffy's long held suspicion that Des is forcing him to play front row and he's not comfortable with it.

Well, that second half effort might even force Hasler (Mr Risk Averse) to re-evaluate his stance on Cuthbo's role.


Reserve Grader
i am starting to doubt myself. I consider myself a pretty good judge of talent, and up till now i have almost always been right. But i now nfind myself beaten by 2. I dont come on here and rubbish players, thats not my go, but after what ibeleived was enough appearences for both players to show their worth (and not excelled) i beleived Glenn Stewart was a capable fill in for injury at best and that Cuthbertson wasnt even that. Yes. I had seen them excel in the lower grades but i had also seen that from blokes like rex terp and Shannon Nevin. That is no guarantee of prforming in first grade. But i have been wrong with these 2. It shows how important comfort is. I am talking about the ability to feel safe in your role regardles pf the result or some mistakes. Some advocates (plenty on this site) want to change the team willy nilly based on a few poor performances, or not even that, but just because a player hasnt lived up to their personal expectations. This is where i wrap hasler. If he has decided on a best man for thejob through months, sometimes years with that man at training, in social situations, in the sheds b efore agame and after, some poor performances, and even several should not make him doubt his decision.
In turn, that player knowing he has the confidence of his coach and team mates can relax and work on his struggles without fearing a knife in his back (read Lyon and Orford)
And for those of you that like to label Hasler Risk averse, how many players has he destroyed by playing them too early or too often before they were ready. Our top propects in Stewart, Burns< Ballin and Cuthbertson have all stepped slowly, carefully but successfully into the top grade. Some say risk averse, i say managed perfectly.
Ps Lyon passes to menzies for 2 tries. How familiar does that sound.

{lease excuse spelling, typing and grammatical errors as i am drunk as a skunk.


Journey Man
Cuthbo has been chopped and changed more time than a porn tape driven by a 16 year old with a remote control in his hand.

(And I'm as sober as a judge).


Reserve Grader
but he has been continualy given a cahence when it was his turn, despite some less than stellar performances. He wasnt cosidered rubbish and shuffled back in the queue behind Afamasaga and Offerdahl and greive etc. He was allowed to bide his time knowing next opportunity he gets another go to prove himself.
By the way, as far as judgement of footballing prowess goes, how did you rate your whipping boy. I am a massive Ballin fan too, but that doesnt make me anti monas. 1 try, 1 set up and a 40-20 that his mates should have done more with. Another solid performance. That said Flannagan did split him and Cuthbo and thy were also split another time that i recal but i didnt take note of the player. I put it down tgo poor communication rather tan technique of Monas (even you have to admit he can defend) or possibly cuthbos lateral movement, especially to his left. certainly something for them to work on as a unit if the are to defend just off th e ruck together again in the future.


Journey Man
I thought Monaghan was outstanding tonight and deserved MOTM. He was very clearly sick and distressed but gave his all. :clap:


Winging it
Cuthbo has been chopped and changed more time than a porn tape driven by a 16 year old with a remote control in his hand.
Very revealing :lol: :lol: :drunk:
Glad to see that you realise the value that a Judas can add!


UFO Hunter
I reckon cuthbo has proven himself as a replacement for hall when all hands are on deck. Great games. Thats a few in a row now and he look damaging every time he had the ball.

BTW, its not the first time someone has missed a tackle that leads to a try... isn't that how 50% of trys are scored.

Can't hold 1 bad play against a stellar effort.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I would say it is an area of his game which he must work at. Towards the end Cuthbo was also caught out of position in defence. Well done though.


Journey Man
fark its hard being soooooooooooooo right


he went well young cuthbo, bow to hope he gets enough enticement to train like a first grader and really become a nrl force


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
I thought Monaghan was outstanding tonight and deserved MOTM. He was very clearly sick and distressed but gave his all. :clap:
omg 8D

i know have a new sig

thanks mata :yeah:


First Grader
I thought Monaghan was outstanding tonight and deserved MOTM. He was very clearly sick and distressed but gave his all. :clap:

Sensational, who said a leopard can’t change its spots.

In fact all the players in question played well. Lyon & The Ox. :clap:

We made the Tigpies look like JUNK 8D

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Well done Mata.

Good to see you giving credit where it is due, as much as it much have torn a whole in your heart :D

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