I'll run it by you guys.

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I'll run it by you guys.

So, I'm looking at getting a Tattoo shortly.

The idea for it is the Southern Cross but I want to get something written in probably old english writing in between the top star and the bottom star and i'm kind of stuck.. i know it's a personal thing and I want it to mean something to me but honestly i'm open to anything as long as it's meaningful.

Basically just throw anything out there (within reason) and I may consider some.

I was thinking about getting my name or my last name for the reason of just knowing who I am and where i've come from but thought it might be a bit silly to get your own name on yaself. I may still run with it but if something better comes up I will consider it.


I'll run it by you guys.

The southern cross is probably overdone I know. But i really like it.

Also considering changing that idea and getting the Coat of Arms


Reserve Grader
I'll run it by you guys.

Coat of Arms sounds cool... Amy's cousin has the family crest on his thigh. Pretty 'plain' though as their crest is is 90% black (as in most of the picture is just a black background). It does hide the Tassie Devil he has underneath it well, though :)

Eventually, my goal is to get the immediate section of my family tree tattooed somewhere, but I've always liked the idea of Australiana and I think the Coat of Arms is a goer... if only for the fact that you probably won't need to think of anything to write, then :)


Winging it
I'll run it by you guys.

It's a free world, but remember that your southern cross will look like a droopy clown's face when you hit 60.


I'll run it by you guys.

I can't help you Nutz- I have the same dilemma but mine is what to get and where to put it. Doug can probably weigh into this he only recently got one.


I'll run it by you guys.

Cheers Narc.. some good thought.. I'm starting to sway towards the Coat of Arms now as it is a little more original.

Mata - It has nothing at all to do with that.

MB - Is that a bad thing?? :lol:

Cheers guys.. if you think of anything at all just let me know.. i won't be getting it until i'm completely satisfied with the look and meaning behind it.

I wasn't expecting many to be able to help me out a great deal because as i said it is a personal taste etc. But cheers for having a go

The Gronk

I'll run it by you guys.

on your shoulder blade is good-it can be seen when you are wearing a singlet, but also easily covered up.

A mate of mine designs tattoos for a bit of a sideline business. If you are after something very particular maybe he can draw one for you


I'll run it by you guys.

Cheers Gronk.

That's the thing though... getting something particular.. i'm too picky :lol:

Leave it with me though

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
I'll run it by you guys.

I can only suggest a few pretty obvious things to you Nutz. Hope it helps anyway.

1) as said previously, consider the placement to be somewhere which can at least be covered up if & when needed.
2) think long & hard about what MEANS something to you. That somethjing must be enduring and you can clearly see that it will mean something for life. (I have a tatt and will get one more that will reflect deeply on my 2 children)
3) once meaning is established just go to a tatt shop and enquire about existing designs and get ideas from that. Take your time.
4) Keep lines clean and simple if possible.
5) judge the shape of the tatt to the body position . ie, dont have a wide design inked on your bicep unless you are going to keep up that body building routine lol


Journey Man
I'll run it by you guys.

I agree with what Manly Backer alludes to. Remember you will have it a long time. Make sure it is something you won't mind having at 40/50.

I won't say what I nearly got done at 19 but I'm bloody glad I didn't go through with it now!


I'll run it by you guys.

Ive got a Panther on my shoulder that I got when I was 18. It was a cool pic adn I sort of an animal enthusiast or at least an animal :D
I am also getting a new one shortly Nutz but probably not your cup of tea.
Its a pic I have of my large male Tarantula where he is half way out of his burrow. The tatoo bloke said he can do the white silk around the hole which is what I wanted the most. In the end it will look like the Tarantula is actually coming out of a hole in my shoulder blade. Cant wait to get it.
And in my opinion who gives a **** when your 60 years old. My Pop had one adn it just showed what he was like and into as a youngin. It had to do with his time in the Air Force and Coast Guard.


Journey Man
I'll run it by you guys.

I'm not against tattos but you do need something that ages well I reckon.

Something cool in the 80s may not be so cool now. ;)


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I'll run it by you guys.

fonzie...h is cool always


I'll run it by you guys.

I think that's the thing though... You should get Tattoo's that mean something at the time so you can later reflect on when you are older... I would never get something stupid that is cool now as suggested because it's not me.. if I was to get something on me for the rest of my life I would want some meaning for it.

All Tattoo's mean different things to different people.

I think i'll just wait and continue looking over some things.. basically i just want it to be somewhat Patriotic because I am a proud aussie.. and maybe a saying or an emblem that means something to me.

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