If we beat Canberra...

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OK say we win on Sat night. This thread is for all those posters who will then jump on the Rocker Bandwagon next week and will be saying that we will be able to beat the minor premiers away from home in the first semi. Please record you name here.

PS I am just interested as who are the over optimists and who are not, Thanks
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With the thread title I was expecting a post with reference to a Lamp shade and your back side :)

btw We will lose!


Kim Jong Dan
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we will win but bow out int he first final, but in a close scoring game
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I am no good for a Bandwagon, but should there be a conga line could you please book me a place, prefferbaly towards the back.
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Put it this way. I'm buying my Parra versus Manly ticket tonight....LoL.

Manly tomorrow night by 30+
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Ryan, I can't work this out. If you were a roller coaster I can't work out if you would be in danger of hitting satellites or from being melted by subterranean Lava. More ups and downs that a hooker's bedroom????
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For the record, if Manly somehow scrape in (Roosters and Panthers lose) I reckon we will acquit ourselves well and then fall short, losing 20 to 10. The psychology of being underdogs and being expected to lose will assist our guys whereas we can't carry the favourites tag at all.
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Canteen - come on dude. Move on from that same old stuff. I think I have CLEARLY stated why I roll the highs & lows of the season.

You are very consistent though. I give you that. I don't think there has been a thread in a long time that I have been included in that you HAVEN'T tried to have a dig at me for the way I can be positive at some things, and negative about others.


Getting beaten by canberra this weekend has a certain attraction to it as at least it would put us out of our misery a week early.

It is also a lot better than getting beaten by 50 at parramatta staduim by a team that i cannot stand to lose to.

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