If Orford signs..........


which shall mean Bell will follow...

Id like to see this side:

1. Stewart
2. Taylor
3. Alberts
4. Bell
5. Hicks
6. Monaghan
7. Orford
8. King
9. Witt
10. Kite
11. Menzies
12. Watmough
13. Kennedy

14. Lulu
15. Heckenberg/Bryant
16. Dunley
17. Williamson/Harris

Personally i think Monas is wasted at hooker. Monas and Orford could switch during the game.. and each can be responsible for the attack so theres less pressure on Monas and Orford.

Witt to hooker... tell him to put on about 10 kilos.. He can tackle pass and we need his goalkicking abilities in the side. He can play hooker, cant be much worse than Chad... If he goes badly.. Willow to hooker and harris on the bench...

Taylor is a gun and should be starting in place of Donald now anyway.. Alberts and Bell solid centres..

with that side we would win the comp. Imagine Monas and Orford in the halves giving Bell and Alberts some good ball with the pace of Stewart Taylor and Hicks in the back 3 also. Forwards speak for themselves.
wont happen.rightly or wrongly at 20 years of age they will give witt a chance outside a top half.monaghan played most of his few games in top grade at hooker while witt has always been in the halves.as goalkicker they will want him on the field the whole game,i cant see him doing that in the hooking role.dont underestimate how hard a coach will try to keep a a bloke on the paddock who rarely misses from the kicking tee.that is how they will open the season.who knows from there.

arent we getting a little ahead of ourselves.....


well for Monas to speak out he must know that Orford is signing...

Hicks and Willow can kick while Witt is off the field. Orfords not to bad either.


Monas and Orford in the halves would be really exciting. Witt may take a bit off Orford as hes done with Monas this season..

last year Monas was on fire with Walker by his side.


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What about this Mark Calderwood? Is that all talk about Donald and him swapping or what? I know I read somewhere that Mark Calderwood wanted to come to the NRL and he's off contract ...


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I also would like to see

6. Monaghan
7. Orford
9. Witt

Witt has solid defence and can play 80 mins. Toovey also went to hooker and played full games. I think Witt isn't working as a consistent 5/8 option.

Come on Sue, Witts only had 1 maybe 2 good attacking games so far this year.


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Id prefer monas at 5/8 over witt but im not sure witt has the speed off the mark that monas has. Monas would be more effective at hooker.

I think Witt's position may depend on how he finishes the year as well, if he continues on his last months form then even des may seriously start to doubt his ability. He needs to get back on board and start improving again like he did in rounds 5 - 10.

This weekend might give us a better idea on how witt is going in the side now that he is missing, as byso said monas and walker looked far more dangerous.


wohoho. Stay away Pederson lol

Taylor should be given a chance. The kid is a machine.. if he faulters in 1st grade (given he got a proper shot) i will shutup about him. lol

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