If only????

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2 metres and we win that game!

Brave Defensive effort from the boys and some good coaching in putting Beaver in the centres and Robertson on the wing.

Forwards muscled up well though the lateral defensive mobility of King is not of NRL standard. He must be replaced!

I do hope that Des looks at why we had 40% of the ball - though some bad calls from the ref let us down. Our discipline was poor at times but at least we showed some ticker!


Journey Man
We must lead the NRL in clangers - that is for sure.

It was also Menzies' worst game for the club.


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I was surprised too see Robertson in the side, he saved our butt too much tonight, I would keep him in there for next week against the Sharks.


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Just Rambling.....

Those who want to blame the ref will look for someone else to bleme in all facets off life. Quite simply the cowboys followed the rules better than us.

Menzies hands were attrocious. Wouldnt have mattered if he played centre or second row. Will forgive him for outstanding service over the last 1500 years. Backchatting is stupid

Kennedy not as dominat as he was at this stage last year. Needs others to carry some of the load.

Watmough same boat as Kennedy in terms of form. needs to lift a little to help himself and Kennedy. Signs are there though.

Orford a bit hot and cold at this stage. Much improved goalkicking performance. 1 miss from the sideline and that hit the post.

King taking it up much better than last year but fairdinkum...I could beat him with a step.

Dunley much better from the bench

Lulu isnt offering much

Stewart needs to start following Kennedy again.

Monas can be a valuable member of this side.

Robertson...pleasenntly surprised.


Bell....could become buy of the season

Need to see more of Burns but he looked alright.

Kite & Bryant did their jobs but i long for a ball playing prop. We havent got one in our current 4.

Williamson...as allways

Stephenson....sh!t centre, capable winger, waste of a spot on the bench.

Kick chase tremendous. Second half defence suprb. Our trie scored were the result of attacking football the likes of which i havent seen fro nearly a decade. If we can fill in the gaps we could go allright.

Excuse me while i complete the slab and try to ponder why i spent 5 months anxiously awaiting the start of the season.


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Stewart was following Kennedy though, all night long. I saw him run past him many times, but he never could really get his right arm free.

Bryant and Leuluai are ball-playing enough I reckon. A couple of times I saw them in first or second-receiver as we spread the ball out. Bringing in George Rose for King would be a good ploy.

One of our main problems was dummy-half I reckon. Heck, I saw King in there in the first half.


Journey Man
At least Cuthbo gets to play today. I thought he may have missed out all together, but those matches are today.


Winging it
I was really disappointed in two areas.

1. The quality of the commentators and coverage. Gordo was the only one who was balanced. It was like going back two decades to the early Bronco days. Any possibility of the minutest contention against us was replayed over and over and crazy penalties against us were not even reviewed.

2. I have m&w glasses but how the first try wasn't offside is beyond me, Burns never seemed to knock it forward - pushing the ball backwards twice in the disallowed try to Choc, and the ultimate insult was Brett's try ruled as 'benefit of the doubt'. Tim Mander - get some eye surgery asap.

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