If monas was half the blues would have won

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Journey Man
Put simply there are two games he plays - well or crap

Hayne and ryan had upstaged him in the crap department all he would have been left with is to play good.

Until we find a better more creative 5/8 than anasta mullen cannot be there


Journey Man
:blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:

Can you imagine Monas running concentric circles behind that spiritless pack?

The best player for NSW was Simpkins.


Hayne made one BIG fcuk up. Other than that he was fine.
Mullen is a gun, don't bag the kid.

Ryan should have been pulled, Anasta to lock, Gidley in to help Mullen.

I'd say bring back Gus, he would never pull Buderus off the park. What a joke.
Monas would have gone well but looking to the future, Mullen is the new Joey, our Alfie, whatever. That cut-out pass for the Cooper try is justification for why he should be there.

The inbred deadsh1ts can't win down here so the next one's in the bag. By game three, we'll be right.


Journey Man
:blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:

Queensland has to break the Sydney drought sometime. this will be the year unless the cheating NSW judiciary back up their referee and scrub them all out.

How sweet was that comeback hey?

Importantly Kite did bugger all work so he should be raring to go on Saturday.


If the judiciary cheats, QLD will be fine. If not, two or three will have a holiday.
You can't bag Matai & support QLD. They're much worse.

Aren't Zimbabwe & Dubbo both outside the QLD boarder ? Judas.


If the judiciary cheats, QLD will be fine. If not, two or three will have a holiday.
You can't bag Matai & support QLD. They're much worse.

Aren't Zimbabwe & Dubbo both outside the QLD boarder ? Judas.

It,s gonna be a long hard time between games for you innit Duff :cry: :cry:


I feel the hate. It boils my blood.

I was scarred as a kid by the Grasshopper, Wally & all the ripoffs.

You guys don't have all the passion.


Journey Man
I would have thought tonight (like many others) would put to bed the myth of "NSW passion". :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:

How many times has NSW come back against the odds when a referee is responsible for an 18 point turnaround in the first half?


How can you claim the ref was on our side ?


If you spear tackle & throw forward passes you get penalised (unless you're playing Manly). Queensland have to learn to play within the rules.

If you want to nit-pick, NSW were pulled uip for an obstruction even though the obstruction rule is gone & we're back to the shepherd rule.


First Grader
Hayne should be shot for that pass. You would be hard pressed to see such a mistake in even a club game.

Ryans got nothing.
Mullens went missing. Kicking game was ordinary. He did one good pass. Use Orford or Monas :)
Get rid of white and use shrek.


UFO Hunter
I've said it before and I maintain my opinion. Anasta is a lock with the 6 on his back. He should take Ryans spot.

Mullen needs to go. I can't believe how the comentary team wet themselves over that pass of his. Have they never seen a cut out pass???? He didn't find the ground once all night with his kicks and his summation of him at the end of the game was spot on. He just didn't lead the team around.

How about the use of the forwards. Murry needs to slap himself.

Chip and Chase

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Mullens kicking was ordinary and he didn't really drive the team well. But I reckon he will be better for the run and is worth another shot. Anasta played OK but didn't create anything, just ran at the line, which is what he does best because he can't pass. I don't think Mullen touched the ball enough, he needed to get more involved. There aren't a lot of other options available in the halfs. Gidley looks like he might be out now, and Orford hasn't really been in that great a form. That may change though.

The forward rotation was thrown into disarray because White spent most of the first half in the blood bin thanks to The Jaw's high shot on him and Mason did his hammy so he was off for a good chunk of the half as well.

Still we got outplayed, we were lucky to be leading at half time really, the Morons had plenty of opportunity and looked dangerous every time they got in our 20. It was only a matter of time and field position before they ran down a 12 point lead. Compare Thurston and Lockyer to Mullen and Anasta, they are light years ahead in experience, class and probably skill.


Journey Man
Mullen needs to go. I can't believe how the comentary team wet themselves over that pass of his.
How nauseating was that? Gould pissing in Joey's pocket and making out as though it was thought through rather than instinct.

The whole carry-on about Mullens with his family at the game etc etc etc was pathetic.


UFO Hunter
I hate all biased commentary. I love for the commentators to tell it as it is.

Often of Fox sports if its an active game I'll turn the comentary off and change to the coaches view so you don't have to put up with the biased comentary and repeat views of silly little slaps that the fox teams love to ramble on about changing the coarse of a game.

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