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If Buhrer has a blinder off then bench?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by rmd, May 23, 2012.

  1. rmd

    rmd Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Jamie stated he left Parra because he couldn't wear the number 9 and would be then relegated to the bench. He then joined Manly as a #9 and played 18 months in the U20s before he was moved to the back row (lock) and was made Captain at the beginning of his year with Foz and DCE.

    I have been of the belief that he will be the ultimate replacement for Ballin but after the Cowboys semi last year, I wondered whether we had another Brown;Krillich situation occurring again.

    Apparently he is the second fastest over 40m at the club, which is hard to believe, but looking at the length of his stride, which gives him the speed, it could be quite accurate, especially the break he made from dummy half against the Cowboys in the semi final.

    If he can learn to kick, this young guy could be the greatest hooker to have have ever played for Manly and will be a future superstar. But then again, with Foran and DCE outside of him does he need to kick?

    Yes, the difference between the great hookers and the also ran's is now their ability to put the opposition on the back foot through uncertainty about what they are going to do (cite; Smith, Farrar and Buderus).

    Matty Ballin is a great player and his delivery (from dummy half) and defence in unequalled at the moment in the team and he's extremely loyal, but Buhrer I believe in the future will add the X factor and I also believe that's what is in 2V's plans and probably Des's, had he stayed.

    If Joey/DCE or Foz1 can teach Buhrer to kick, we will have the most devistating 9, 6,7 and 1 (providing snake stays) in the comp, plus our back row (if T-Rex stays).

    How we'll keep them all, I'm not sure but 3rd party sponsorship is a big bonus and as the team becomes more attractive to many of its currently 'quiet' supporters (some who I know) to be associated with after the last few years, it all looks good.

    Go Forest, make the most of your time and give it to those Maroon egotists!

    ERNIE FOR NO7 Active Member

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    Jamie was a no. 9 contender about 14 kgs ago.
  3. manlyfan76

    manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Jamie left parra because they are our feeder team.
  4. Spuds Bodyguard

    Spuds Bodyguard Active Member

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    Jamie left parra because they are ****


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    Pretty hard to have a blinder when you are on the bench for the entire first half.
  6. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

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    agree and I think this ends his hooker career. He is such a free flowing runner and in the pack must be his best possie.
  7. Pittwater Legend

    Pittwater Legend Well-Known Member

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    Was put on late, used ineffectively and tried to overplay his hand as a result. He won't feature in origin again this year.
  8. voicefromthehill

    voicefromthehill Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Stuart uses his bench poorly - 20 to 30 minutes each or dont pick them
  9. Ron E. Gibbs

    Ron E. Gibbs Well-Known Member

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    I feared he'd get five minutes of game time all along. Nice going, Ricky - way to build up a kid's confidence. If he was picked as cover for Farah simply because Ricky didn't have enough confidence in his starting hooker it was always a wasted selection.
  10. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

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    didn't look right but no shock, he has been great coming off the bench in a running role. Poor kid trying to set up plays. Stupid Stuart!
  11. Pittwater Legend

    Pittwater Legend Well-Known Member

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    There was just no role for him in the team so he was never going to succeed.
  12. NYEagle

    NYEagle Well-Known Member

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    Ummmmmm....did I miss something?. I though Buhrer did great the 7 or 8 minutes he was on. Nice feeds out of dummy half, grabbed the ball as much as he could.

    What did he do wrong?

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    • lismore_fan

      lismore_fan Well-Known Member

      +223 /2
      He didn't do anything wrong. Stuart was just too stupid to use him effectively.
      The same with T-Rex. Stuart is simply a hopeless coach. He isn't the bootlaces of Toovey or Hasler. He just can't utilise his bench effectively.
    • StuBoot

      StuBoot Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      I'm with NYEagle. He looked good with the time he got, crisp dummy half passing, at least he got a go.
      He was picked as a utility - ie can cover centre, 5/8, lock, 2nd row, hooker so his game time was always an uncertainty.
      Can't see why they won't go with him again and chances are the experience of just being in the SOO will do him wonders so augurs well for us. Win/ win if you ask me.
    • Cameron

      Cameron Cambo

      +669 /35
      I think Jamie should
      Miss out on origin 2 just because farah proved tonight he is more than up to 80 mins in origin.
      I think Ricky had Jamie there as his insurance policy incase farah flopped. I think choc can slot in for Jamie and I would finally dump the deadwood Ben creagh and bring in another prop either Woods from tigers or byrce Gibbs whose in career best form.

      ERNIE FOR NO7 Active Member

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      There was ZERO chance he would have been used at centre or at 6 with Luke LEWIS in the team.
    • dceagle

      dceagle Active Member

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      That was one of the worst bench rotations I have ever seen in SOO .

      Jennings binning didn't help , but seriously mismanaged regardless.
    • Rex

      Rex Well-Known Member

      +2,376 /60
      A better comparison is Freddie Jones & Max Krilich. Krilich played a hundred games in reserves, outclassing the opposition - and even being picked to play for City out of reserve grade - all because Jones had the top spot sealed up. Krilich went on to captain Australia, including the Kangaroos - the Invincibles.

      IMO Buhrer won't get another SOO gig this year, not because of performance, but because Farah will be picked for 80 minutes, like he should have been in SOO1.

      NSW needed more big boppers with impact. To have left Choc out of the team, to have wasted TRex on the bench for so long, words defy me. Refereeing aside, NSW first lost the game at the selection table.

      Bring in Choc & Aaron Woods for Creagh & TRex (injured). Then Buhrer needs to be replaced. Big George Joe wouldn't be out of place - he can bend that line.

      Buhrer is best as an 80 minute player, and if we lose Ballin, he'll slot nicely into hooker.
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