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Look am willing to give monas the benefit of the doubt in the whole monasgate thing. He is still quite young and obviously unaware of the business and real world as is expected because they havent really ever been a part of it.

i hope he stays and I hope he plays well in the number 9 jersey. I dont like seeing these crusades against him because he has actually played some very good games for the club and has been a pretty decent captain. You cant blame the guy for going sour over the last few months, the contract negotiations he went through would do that to a saint. However a sa pro he should buck up and get back to his best.

anyway, start the flesh stripping begin


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I agree. Its great we got Orford, even better if Monas stays in either 6 or 9.

Lets hope the teams go forward improves, so we can at least jag 3 more wins. So we can watch some footy in september.


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I want Monaghan to stay at the club.He has made some mistakes speaking out in the media,but i can forgive him for that.Either at 6 or 9 he would make our side better with Orford at 7.Or if he spit's the dummy and asks for a release we can keep Witt and maybe Travis at 6 to learn from Orford.


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Put it this way - he was a big part of getting the club in a position to be looked at - without him we could have been battling souths and easily lost to their money. At least the haters have to like that fact.

Next year he will be the second best half at the club - whether he plays 5/8 or hooker wont matter as he will put in, and possibly learn a little off orford about descision making.

Having another option around him at half will help his game as the defence will not be able to rush him.

I expect to see both halves combos used in the trials next year


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The thing i worry about now with all this speculation about player's being released from their contract's it could finally derail our season.We are on the brink now of self destructing.These guy's had a solid will do do well this year for each other.Now certain player's have their mind's on other thing's instead of foorball.I hope we can win the rest of our home games at least so we do have final's football again.98 has been far too long to go without final's football..


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The brink of self-destructing?

Where is the brink when you've lost 5 from 6?

This all started when Monas first aired his dirty laundry in the media. and then he did it again, and again and again.

It was no mistake. 10 times is not a "mistake". It is calculated and it is sabotage.

And he will pay.

*rubs hands with glee*


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I want monaghan in number 9. He will be the best hooker we have seen since toovey in his later years.

I also hope that the back chat to refs get sorted out. If he stays on as captain its something i'd like him to work on. I have herd referees say with their own mouths, they dont treat him with the respect of other captains because he doesn't have any for them. The 50/50 calls will start to go against us more often then not.

ALSO, a captain should promote the side, not drag it through the dirt when you don't get your own way. IF, he can clean up those few things for the rest of the season, I have absolutly no reason to doubt his ability at hooker.

I always have thought we would be better of with him than without him but a few silly media tricks on his behalf started to have me seriously doubting.

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