i need a towel!


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to wipe the egg off my face! fair dinkum the amount of king bashing that has gone on from not only myself but 99% of the silvertails has been massive - if kingy keeps going the way he is he is a real chance to represent city again.
im loving what is going on with the forwards this year, the depth we have will be tested throughout the course of the year and i have confidence in them for the first time in ages. we could field 2 forward packs with our current team!! i love it - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KINGY! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Well i doubt highly that one Jason King reads these forums but if he was to i want to congratulate him on turning around his career... i was not one to jump on the bandwagon but anyone could see he wasn't at his best!!

So.. a big Congrats to big jason king on shutting up his critics the best way you can.. PROVE THEM WRONG!!

Go hard JK
OK before we all need a tissue to clean ourselves up, let's just look at the facts. Whilst King's performances HAVE improved, they are simply what a 1st grade prop of his experience should be doing WEEK-IN WEEK-OUT. They're not stand out in my opinion. However, congrats Kingy on being a major part of our forward's dominant performance over the last few weeks. Keep it up.

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I would love to see him keep improving to the point he genuinely comes into contention for Rep teams. Win-Win!!

A way to go yet - one swallow doesn't make a summer though he is heading in the right direction.


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congrats he has improved but he has not proved us wrong yet, he under performed and that is exactly what we have been saying. He has now improved and is much better. he is now justifying his selction in the team

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I just hope he keeps improving, if he Kite, Bryant, Rose, Kylie keep getting over the top of the opposition we will have a very good year


To me King still looks soft for a prop.
True he has improved this year but he needed to.
He doesn't seem to have a lot of leg drve or as much bulk or upper body strength as say Kite or kennedy.

I don't see Kite of kennedy being forced back in the tackle as many times as King.


we are comparing King to his previous performances, and yes he has improved out of site. But compare him to other props who have represented, and compare there week in week out performances to Kings , hes still not even in the top ten.

How many times does he just stop at the defence like hitting a brick wall, he never busts through. God he gets forced back so often its frustrating.


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i actually saw some people running away from king on the weekend - he was very often the next closest covering the offload. he only made 11 tackles even though he played so long which backs this up

He is doing as good as kite at the moment and kite is 18th man, he may not be in the top 10 but on his last 2 weeks he would be getting close. Another months of 140m games and he will be up there, at this stage i see nothing to say otherwise


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He is done one outstanding run in each of the last 3 games. He has backed this up with a solid but less than spectacular balance of the game. He is getting there but any talk of rep honours is rubbish unless he has the negatives of the selectors involved without their wives. Doing well and I am pleased for him but he needs to keep it up.

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