I hope treason is one of the charges


Winging it
Thursday April 5, 01:24 PM
Army captain arrested over weapon theft

An Australian army captain is the alleged mastermind of the theft and sale of eight defence force rocket launchers, police say.

The Australian Federal Police and NSW Police Force now say eight, not seven, anti-tank weapons were stolen from the military.

Police on Thursday arrested two men, aged 46 and 39, from Wattle Grove and Mount Annan, in Sydney's south-west, and a 63-year-old woman from Tahmoor, south-west of Sydney, in simultaneous police raids about 6am (AEST) on Thursday.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Terry Collins said the 46-year-old man was an army captain who worked closely with munitions.

"We will allege that a captain in the defence force was a mastermind and a key player in regard to the theft and distribution of these (rocket launchers) to criminal elements in the community," Mr Collins told reporters.

"We will allege the captain had intimate knowledge and had worked very closely in the area where he had access to those type of weapons."

The second man is a former ADF officer, but police would not give any details of when he left, his former rank or where he worked.

Formal charges are yet to be laid against the three people, but it was expected they would face Sydney's Central Local Court later on Thursday.

Police said the two men are expected to face charges of theft of Commonwealth property among other offences.


First Grader
I went to TAFE with an Explosives Technician who lives in Mount Annan. The bloke was a bit off the reservation too. Showed us some photos from his time in Mozambique where he was teaching locals to disarm landmines. I hope to christ it wasnt him.

If the surname Scott comes out Ill know its him.


Journey Man
When I was growing up our chaps would come back from the warzones with the full gammut of weaponry. The whole border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique is mined.

Once on a school camp they took us out into the bush and let us shoot off RPGs and throw grenades (ducking behind rocks) and pick up the shrapnel afterwards.

I wonder what the OH&S types would think of it these days.


First Grader
and his Korean advisors, or did they piss off once they taught them the best way to massacre minorities?


Winging it
Yeah, his bullet proof limo and the motorcade.
:clap: :clap: :clap: :drunk:

The other thing is that they were selling them for a paltry 5k each. 50k to put how many people's lives at risk? This had better be one very long sentence.


Journey Man
Not as many live as most would think.

The 66mm rocket launcher will pierce up to 24cm of rolled homogenous armour. It works by superheating a tungsten bit and firing it at high velocity. the explosives are shaped like a behive and generates a point specific shock waves rather than 3D destruction.

The explosives would be limited to tacking out a vehicle, if it were to hit a but then you would stand a good chance if you were at the other end.

Also you cant hit **** with them past 150m and would be lucky to hit something at 100m first up. They are used in pairs for that reason.

They are a single use weapon too. Each can only be fired once, not like the RPG.

any for of gun with enough ammo supplied will be more dangerous.

Im not saying its a good thing but Hollywood likes to make rockets, grenades etc look far far bigger than they really are.


UFO Hunter
"he explosives are shaped like a behive and generates a point specific shock waves rather than 3D destruction."

Similar to shaped charges. Used to demolish buildings.


Journey Man
they are a shaped charge flip but not a cutting charge which is in a V shape which is the type used to bring down buildings.

These will blow a hole in the wall but wont bring down anything bigger than a shed.

They would be great if that was your plan for Apec execpt that you will not be able to get clsoe enough to use it.

The entire city will be shut down and there will be a cordon of a few city blocks in each direction.

The last i heard they had recovered 5 or 6 of them and that was a few monhts ago.


Give him a break guys. Its a simple mistake.
Anyone can forget they have 6 rockets in their boot. :stupid:

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