I cant believe you guys.

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All these wraps going to Monas and Kite etc yet the bloke who has been instrumental in our wins of late, Clint Halden, has been ignored. Managed more game time this week with 8 tackles and even gained 7 metres. :clap:

On a serious note though,

Kite 182 metres, 14 hitups, 25 tackles!!!
King 136 metres, 13 hitups, 22 tackles!!
Hicks 151 metres gained

Ballin 34 tackles
Watmough 32 tackles, 90 metres
Williamson 30 tackles

Also interesting J Lyon made 19 tackles. Monas missed 7 tackles.


Winging it
Ballin has been fantastic at 9. He seems to have it all - darting runs, solid defense and a great pass. Kite's figures are exceptional again. Stats say some things but the players putting it together as a team and for each other is what is winning games.

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw #14 on the field. A star of the future.


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Halden didn't do anything wrong on Saturday, made tackles, passes were crisp and directed. Obviously Des is bringing him along slowly. What for? great unknown.


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Not so, granted Ballin is excellent, but just which plays did Halden slow? It's difficult to pick the player when there is rotation going on but I didn't see any slow down of plays with Halden. I don't think they scored when he was on.


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More so the passing from dummy half. Not saying Halden was crap, but just not Ballin. Just goes to show how good the kid really is.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Bit harsh on Halden

He come on, did nothing wrong, slowed nothing down at all, and handed the reins back with no errors at all.

There was 1 point there was a ball perfectly placed at nice pace with a forward running onto it and i thought "that was a great pass from Ballin" and when the player turned around it was 14 on the back

Credit where it is due, he did all that was asked of him in a pressure situation


First Grader
You must have been watching a different game to me. His passing from dummy half was about the same as Monas has been. It wasnt direct on some occasions, and as a result slowed down some of our momentum.

Again, in comparison with Ballin there was a noticable difference.


First Grader
Christ Clon, Monas's passing has floater all over it and he only passes one way. Halden went GOOD, crisp and flat and direct. get over yourself. Ballin went GOOD also. There, happy?


UFO Hunter
clons not saying halden was ****, just that there was a noticable difference when Ballin left the field and I tend to agree. Halden is a good defender though.


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Christ Clon, Monas's passing has floater all over it and he only passes one way. Halden went GOOD, crisp and flat and direct. get over yourself. Ballin went GOOD also. There, happy?

Wake up to yourself dickhead. What I am saying is that there was a noticable difference between Ballin and Halden. Read the ****ing post before you come on here with your usual bull**** dribble.
Hicks 151 metres gained
That to me was the most surprising, I had thought Hicks to be a bit off the pace. I must have got a few bearded carries confused.

I like most have been completly swept up in Ballin mania and can not imagine the run on side without him, compare Dessies headache to Chris Andersons.


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Clon, just how was there a NOTICABLE difference? and if there was, I just fail to see one how one persons responsible for that. When Halden was on I didn't see a drop off on intensity. He tackled and passed good, as did Ballin.


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ok, let me spell it out for you. Ill talk slowly so you understand.

The service from Halden from dummy half was on some occasions poor, in comparison to ballin.

Do you get it this time??

Nowehere in my post did I state there was a drop off in intensity, I said it halted our momentum at stages.

Again, read the post properly.


First Grader
Clon, there's no need to get personal. What I fail to understand is your disdain for Halden. You bagged him in your first post. You claim he 'stifled progress' in your second, you then say that 'having Ballin of the field might have hurt us', but no tries were scored when he was of, so there's no 'hurt' while he was replaced by Halden. You then state that Halden is not Ballin. I agree, he's not. so what? Your last claim is that Halden 'slowed down our momentum'. Quite the observation given we scored in the last ten minutes of the game, granted I don't think Halden was on the field at that time to my recollection. Momentum in that game waxed and waned as the defense from both teams was intense. And it waxd and waned as the bench players came and went. However the game is a team thing and to point the finger at any one player is a little misguided, (except if the finger is pointed at Monas, Dunley or Matai) I realize there's currently a love affair with Ballin on this site, justifiably at the moment as I readily admit he's going great, but give Halden his due, he tackles what's required and delivers OK to his runners and I don't worry when he's on. So get over yourself.


DSM5 - The original post was a joke mate.

He wasn't saying Halden has been crap he was making a joke because he wasn't on the field for long (that's how i took it anyway).

He later went on to make the point that Halden isn't as crisp out of dummy half as ballin is.
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