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"I am no Silvertail Mate"

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by conanu, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. conanu

    conanu Well-Known Member

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    "I am no Silvertail Mate"

    TONY Abbott, embedded in the North Shore up to the knot of his Riverview Old Boys tie, insists he has much in common with Westies - even though he drives a Merc.
    He has revealed that his generous proposal for paid parental leave was designed with young families in western Sydney in mind.

    And he believes he would be an excellent political emissary for the Liberal Party to the people of Sydney's greater metropolitan area.

    "I don't have any plans at this point in time for, if you like, an ambassador to western Sydney, because frankly I'd like to be the ambassador to western Sydney," the Opposition Leader told The Daily Telegraph.

    "OK, I only lived in western Sydney myself for the 12 months that I was a pastoral assistant at Emu Plains parish back in 1986.

    "But I know what it's like to struggle to pay a mortgage, I know what it's like to have a spouse, I know what it's like to be trying to figure out whether you can meet all the bills and how much extra income your spouse needs to earn in order to keep the family finances together.

    "Whatever else i am, im no Silvertail, mate."

    But can someone who has earned a ministerial salary and drives around his home turf of Manly in a Mercedes-Benz claim to understand what is happening out west?

    "It might be a Mercedes 280 but it cost about half the price of a new Commodore and I think it's now 15 years old, mate," Mr Abbott said.

    "And before that the family car was a 1973 Rover. It was a V8, mate.

    "Since I've been in Parliament, the cars I've driven were a 1975 Rover, a 1968 Valiant, a 1973 Rover, and now the 1995 Merc."

    Mr Abbott was separating himself from his Liberal predecessor Malcolm Turnbull and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd - both wealthy men - for political reasons.

    It's part of the Liberal campaign to win government by gaining seats in outer Sydney and in Queensland's southeast.

    The Liberals will have a tough time in Macquarie, Macarthur and Hughes, want to regain Lindsay and Bennelong and hope to pick up Robertson and Dobell on the Central Coast.

    "Outer metropolitan Sydney is the home of the young family," Mr Abbott said. "I think our paid parental leave scheme could be important in persuading those families we are fair dinkum about easing the pressure on their budgets."

    And that is why Brookie is in such a pile of **** cause tony's promise came when he knew he wouldnt get returned. He is no friend of Manly and never will be
  2. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    Re: "I am no Silvertail Mate"

    Did you see the plush pile he's living in on the 60 minutes report last week.  I'll bet that mortgage cost a bit, even though he's on $200+ plus tax-free travel allowance.  It's Northern Beaches, made of bricks, not Penrif made of sticks.  Tosser.
  3. deadlyeagle

    deadlyeagle Member

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    Re: "I am no Silvertail Mate"

    unfortunately for the entire north peninsula of Sydney specifically manly is that it is such a safe liberal seat its not funny and that is why abbot is on it.

    Basically the north peninsula inc Brooky wont get **** all until it turns into a cantested seat. From there perspective why should any gov fork out money to the north shore when they can potentially get (unsure) voters on there side by putting money into those other contested seats out west.

    Politics is a bitch made worse if your on the wrong side of it.

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