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I’m not quitting: Delmege

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Feb 13, 2009.

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    I’m not quitting: Delmege

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    13 Feb 09 @ 03:22pm by JASON AVEDISSIAN

    MANLY co-owner Max Delmege has guaranteed he will not walk away from the Sea Eagles and has promised to work with fellow owner Scott Penn to ensure the club’s long-term future.

    The Sea Eagles were in damage control yesterday after a board meeting on Thursday night saw CEO Grant Mayer resign.

    Mr Mayer opted not to seek an extension to his contract, which expires on October 31 this year.

    Mr Penn, chairman of Sea Eagles Ltd, has also accused Mr Delmege of owing the club sponsorship money, in the vicinity of “hundreds and thousands of dollars”.

    Mr Delmege hit back yesterday, claiming he may only owe the club a bonus from winning the 2008 NRL premiership.

    Central to the spat between the Delmege and Penn families is Delmege Commercial pulling out of a joint proposal to upgrade Manly-Warringah League Club.

    But Mr Delmege yesterday told The Manly Daily he “will not walk away” and was committed to Manly for the long haul.

    “As far as Manly is concerned, they have got my 100 per cent financial support,” he said.

    “Commercial people will at times have disagreements, that’s common.

    “There’s no way I can walk away, I couldn’t do that to the supporters. It’s purely a difference of opinion on a couple of things.”

    When asked about monies owed, Mr Delmege said: ``There could be the grand final bonus, but all the sponsorship was paid up.

    ``I’m very disappointed with the way Scott Penn is going about this.

    ``This is not about two families, this club is run by the people.’’

    The Daily understands Mr Mayer was going to step down regardless of the board’s decision not to ratify his tenure for another year.

    The Sea Eagles’ four main benefactors are the Delmege and Penn families, the Manly-Warringah League Club and the Manly Warringah Rugby League Football Club.

    Mr Penn said if a stakeholder cannot hold up their end of the agreement, then alternatives must be considered.

    ``If any party can’t abide by that, that’s fine, there’s no issue with that, but someone else is going to have to take it on,’’ he said.

    ``That doesn’t mean someone walks away, it just means someone will have an increased stake, or maybe another party will come to the table and become involved.’’

    Mr Mayer said ideally he would remain at the Sea Eagles, but believes for the sake of the club he must walk away.

    ``I want to be at Manly long-term, but at the moment there’s some issues they need to resolve and I hope my actions help resolve those issues,’’ he said.

    Will this damage the Sea Eagles premiership chances in 2009? Comment online.
  2. Cameron

    Cameron Cambo

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    no one wants Max to walk away
    but we dont want Grant leaving either its that simple.
  3. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    I see on tonight's news Hasler was only offered a one year extension???
  4. eagle_predator

    eagle_predator Active Member

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    One year that's BS
  5. eggson

    eggson Well-Known Member

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    Question:  Does a one year or year-by-year thing for signing Des mean the club can spend more on signing/retaining the players they want to?

    I only ask this because i remember an article where Des said to sign the players (like B Stewart) to long term contracts before negotiating with him...

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