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Huge defensive issue

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by maxta, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. maxta

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    Watching a replay of the Tigers game, the obvious issues in defence cut deeper....the usual suspects energy & aggression were missing.
    This again led to a massive roll on through the ruck & as Snake pointed out in another thread, left our outside backs short in defensive numbers & going backwards. This automatically takes away the opportunity to communicate & slide effectively.
    Here's the kicker.... our contact in the ruck is from the sides ensuring the attackers bend the line 95% of the time & the attacker lands on his front- not his back to WIN the ruck.
    I realise we have new defensive coaches & new structures take time, but it's elementary to make the tackle in FRONT, not the SIDE.
    If my 10 year old daughter runs at me & I stand to the side using an arm, she will bend it...this is pure footy logic.
    Not for 1 moment saying trained pro's who are running the show do not know or train technique...thing is Jake gets it right 99% of the time & is the pup in the pack... technique at this level should need little adjustment....only excuses are
    1 - Attitude
    2 - New systems
    In that order
    Only thing I can think of is they are attempting to attack the ball as the Storm done so effectively in recent seasons, but STOP the players momentum first.
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