Howard leads the way in Indonesia.

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Yes. In one great big line. Matabele and myself have decided to conga into brookvale and right around the ground. With $1 per pieve of food thats thrown at us. With every cent going to a fund to have zorba removed from administration. :shock:
Thats people power for you.

Byso there has been credit where credits due - however there isnt that much due here - as stated its easy to spend other peoples money to keep the masses happy. He did the right thing, yes, but even costello would have done the same.
Heres one for the lefties though!

Are the starving aboriginals going to get 1 billion in aid??? :cry:
But they need help matabele. I wouldn't expect you too understand. Being from a coutry with sever ethnic division.
Really :roll:

I know a lot more about ethnic division than you'd give me credit for and I DO put some of the conditions endured by indigenous Australians up there with some of the worst of Sowetho.

Australia has no soapbox on race relations.
Of course they are generously proportion - the are black folk and you know what they say...

But what does that have to do with aid??
Comprehension once again matabele: I wouldn't expect you too feel too much compasion for the aboriginal for racial resons relating back to your upbringing. Also them not being your biggest concern in life. Rather the war and pverty in your home land.
And you have not comprehended that your assumption is wrong.

Simply because I was raised in a certain culture does not mean I have to embrace it. I was raised with a black brother for goodness sake, kept with our family against the law and hidden when the police came knocking.

Got it?????
No. You always go on about your culture and wanting to go back and help one day.

You misslead then.
No. You always go on about your culture and wanting to go back and help one day.  

You misslead then.
Concern for the matabele and concern for the aboriginal are not mutually exclusive the last time I checked.
This is what I meen. How have you possible heard me relating your love for the matabele and aboriginal as equal. It was my intentions to point out that it was the differ.

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