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Kim Jong Dan
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Over the last few weeks and months I have been researching more and more about how to make money online. Essentially trying to suppliment my income with a little bit extra to, if nothing else, pay off my car loan.

Previously this site was not making any money whatsoever and was in fact costing me money to run. I have read a lot of information and am now starting to see a bit of money coming in. I am essentially making about $100USD per month after just making a few changes. This money is coming in from 4 different websites but still the potential is there and I am learning something new each day.

I thought I would share a few things with you that I have been reading through so that if some of you are interested you can start possibly doing the same.

So here are a few thousand articles I read through.

I also wrote 1 or 2 articles as well at
So have a look and it might be a way for you to start earning some easy cash. I know one bloke who earnt more than 10,000 per month USD doing this.

Anyways have a go.



Kim Jong Dan
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its not ground breaking but I am starting to follow a few techniques and starting to build on what I am doing so hopefully this will result in a nice little income booster.

Forums are notriously hard to make money from because users just dont click ads, I have to start marketing them in certain ways to boost them, that is why every now and then you see a slight change to the ads and their placement


Kim Jong Dan
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The pages that Ihave linked to are pretty much hated by a lot of webmasters because they are designed solely for a place to display the adverts but I still found the articles very useful and very informative.
The good thing about them is that the ads themselves often lead you to other interesting and worthwhile things to read :)


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Mate im half way through reading the Ebay one, and it is really useful info. Some of it i already know, and some things are new to me. I look forward to reading all the other things.

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