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How to improve further

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by The Who, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. The Who

    The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Great win; best 80-min effort since St. George match. However, without trying to be negative, there are some considerations:
    1. We had our 'best' team on the paddock (acknowledging that Snake and Wolfman are out for the season), Tigers had at least three topliners out (Ellis, McKinnon and Ryan), and will get them back next week.
    2. Having Chris Bailey in the 17 is a waste. IMO we'd be better having Cross there and giving him 20 minutes on either side of half-time, thus keeping our steam-rolling props even fresher.
    3. T-Rex does some good things, if only he chose to become more involved. Remember how Hoppa Snr used to take dummy half runs? Why can't be inject himself more into the game. Hopefully he leaned something about involvement from Lotte. T-Rex can be our X-Factor and he is definitely getting better. But he has yet to really dominate. I'm still hopeful.

    All in all thought I'm delighted that the lads played tough for the entire match. I had almost written them off after they conceded the game to Canberra a couple of weeks ago.
  2. MPC75

    MPC75 Well-Known Member

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    Can't disagree with any of that. I think the reason for Bailey is for versatility. He can cover for backs and forwards. If Cross was in and we had an injury in the backs, we would be pretty much stuffed without Bailey as back up. In 2008 Bevear filled this roll brilliantly.

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