How popular are the Eagles in your town?


It used to be a forgone conclusion that if you didn't like Manly you hated them but I have found that we are starting to be more liked/ respected amongst the public (until Monasgate I suppose)
I work DJing at a nightclub on Friday nights and being a Manly tragic I decorated the DJ box with Manly gear after we beat the Roosters. Once I was pissed enough I decided to drop the Manly theme song (to the tune of "click go the shears") in the middle of a hard house set- surprisingly there were a number that knew the words and instead of the expected jeers the eagles got cheers- I'm not sure if it was because everyone hates the Roosters more but I'm finding more and more people are impressed by the eagles form especially those knockers (and there were plenty) who said Kennedy was a waste of money and injury prone.
Just here to help.
I can't resist the obvious. If I didn't do it some other smart arse with no self control wold've.
Now the inevitable is out of the way, this thread can be taken seriously.
well being within walking distance of NSO they arent that opular around these parts but you see the odd supporter
Duff ya bastard I was about to say they are pretty popular where I live - Northern Beaches.
I live near Parra - believe it or not plenty of Manly supporters out here. Word at Peter Wynns is that outside the slimey eel stuff we are selling stuff like hotcakes!
well being within walking distance of NSO they arent that opular around these parts but you see the odd supporter

I thought that till I watched the Dogs game at the Oaks, I could not believe the amount of support for the Eagles there that night. Actually I am surprised any people up there actually watched the league. Usually only Union types there.
Well in Canberra, there is my family and someone else on this site I think. And I know one person from my work and some guy I met in Sutton Forret coming back from a game.

So that makes about 10 people.
Garts are you from up this way?

you heading to the Oaks for the SOO?
Onya Ads - another Canberrian! I have a couple of friends that are Manly tragics (like me) and have met about a dozen others over the last couple of years......

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Team P W L PD Pts
12 8 4 147 20
14 10 4 89 20
14 9 5 105 18
12 7 5 80 18
12 7 5 -1 18
13 8 5 -49 18
13 7 6 12 16
13 7 6 -7 16
12 6 6 -66 16
12 5 6 -18 15
12 5 6 -26 15
13 6 7 52 14
12 5 7 -49 14
14 6 8 -65 12
13 5 8 -94 12
12 3 9 -43 10
13 3 10 -67 8
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