How Long Before We Lose Underdog Status?

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Listening a lot when big names speak of manly, reading all the articles in papers and on the net, it becomes obviouse that we are yet too prove ourselves in the minds of these so called "football experts".

So noticable in fact that when speaking of the storm, many are inclined to say that the team will be right up there at the top when the season ends. BUT, after a thrilling and dominating win by the sea eagles on the weekend over the storm, we still struggle to gain recognition for the achievements so far, getting comments like, "If they keep up their form they can make top 10, but its a long way to go.

So I pose a question, to those who have not followed the development of our new look side, and don't take so much interest in the Sea Eagles to know how much work has been done to have this side play so well, when will we lose the underdog status and be treated with the respect that we all know this side should be treated with.

Understandable so, 3 games is not enough... but how long will it take?
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Yeah a good question. I were lucky enough to get to round 15 without losing more than 3. things could change.

But this a dream of cause.
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if we remain undefeted till the 29th of April then knock the Bronocs of at Suncorp alot of league fans will take notice.

Imagine the headlines then!!!!! I am getting excited at the thought of it happening!!!!
yeah thats a funny one, can i just say its lonmg gone here at my office, ive piled so much crap on the eels and roosters supporters here , they are back to there manly hating best hahaha

i see next game as a danger, v dragons, possibly with TB a game under his belt, at wollongong,,, but am confident re two following games at the fortress! THEN the Broncos, Bring it on!


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I copped a beauty from a dragons supporter.

"When will you Eagles supporters learn not to be so bloddy arragoant"

Me: "Its got nothing to do with supporting the Eagles"
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It will be at the half way mark. I think if we can have 12 of 14 points or better by round 7, then defeat the Broncos in a televised game and at least win one of the Bulldogs or Eels games then we will be seriously considered. Outside of the Storm we are playing "should win" games up to round 8.

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