How Important is BK?

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I thought that BK had a quiet game last weekend and of course he wasn't in the reckoning for Best and Fairest points.

Then I looked at the stats - 148 metres in 18 carries, plus 28 tackles. Choc was widely commended for his game, getting some motm awards and he made 136 from 16 carries and made 28 tackles as well.

BK is a machine and it is great he is playing for MW this weekend. Go you good thing!! Did we miss him against the Tigpies last time???

Both BK and Choc will be vital cogs in the works for the game this weekend when you consider that Kite (118 metres from 17 carries and 21 tackles) and Beaver (101 metres from 10 carries and 25 tackles) will be missing.


BK is the most vital player in our team. Everything he does is quality.

The stats don't tell the true figure as a lot of his tackles stop the oppostion from making big breaks. he just reads the play so well that he knows exactly where to be at the right time.

His value as an inspirational leader is of imeasurable value to the team as he leads by example. This is why he is rated as one of the best players ever for Many even though he has only been playing for us for 2 years.

You cannot replace a player of his quality easily if at all. Getting Lyon and Creagh would be a good way to overcome his loss but these 2 don't have the same level of experience.


Don't forget Matty Orford is playing this weekend too... he is just as vital in my opinion.. no doubt BK is irreplacable.. but the fact that the ox is there this week aswell holds us in better steed.
You also need to consider that BK was out for a few weeks so his match fitness may have been a bit below par, as you say what a legend (Northern NSW boy as well)


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i never understood any comments on him being quiet - Last weekend there was what looked to be a game plan early. Basically kite/bryant would hit it up the middle. Monas would then go left and take it up a few steps giving it to Bk who would hit it up. Next play repeat for watmough - made 10+ metres every hit up out there - hence kite and bryant didnt see too much ball early (that and we were busy scoring tries)


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BK was out for a couple of weeks before the Penrith game and probably needed the run, besides that he was excellent anyway. All the talk about Creagh, Is he ours? does he want to come? Just how close it he to coming our way?


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only talk about creagh is from ryan - who wants him to come

And why not. He's a very inspirational player that has had a good representative showing in the past few years. Creagh, Watmough and Beaver would be a ruthless backrow. He's no nonsense as well.


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i would have no problems seeing him here ryan - i was identifying the source of the creagh rumours thats all
The best thing about Kennedy is that if we needs to make metres close to the ruck, he is another prop. If we are taking the ball wide, he makes metres further out.

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