Hornby v the Ox

Im not convinced that you can stick a part timer in at half. Hornby is a good player , but he is a bitsa. Plays a bit here, plays a bit there. Is Thurston injured or just getting a rest? I cant understand why they left him out.
It's absolute rubbish to say that Hornby is a better 1/2 back than the Ox, pure and simple. An absolute joke. So Ox had a bad game against the Dragons - our forwards were absolutely smashed in that game. Put Ox behind Bailey, Riles, Simms, Creagh, etc in that game and he would have looked very good I'm sure.
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Agreed Crusher. Thurston isn't injured. Ricky is looking at "options".

Will the Ox ever get a go?
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I would have put Orford ahead on performance, but he needs to step up and make the selectors notice. As it is he gifts them an out right at crucial times.

But this is Orfords wake up call. He only has just soo many years left, so I will be a much tougher marker on him this coming year. He needs to perform regularly to rep levels.
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I tempered my thoughts on Hornby in the context of the quality of the squad around him compared to ours. He had a fair bit more to work with.
I think Hornby is a better option he is versatile.. and i believe he is an excellent halfback.

Very under-rated in my opinion.
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Orford over Hornby guys. I rate Hornby as a fullback. Not so much a 1/2 back. He plays too much in the smae style as Lockyer (just not as good), so I don't know if they will clash.
Hornby is a mediocre half at best. What has he done in that position this year to warrant the selectors to pick him as the Oz 1/2? I don't think he is a better attacking OR defensive option over Ox. Ox had some VERY good games this year. He also adds another kicking option.
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Hornby had a much more consistent season than Orford, and I actually think he is quite a handy halfback and will probably suit Lockyer's style better than Thurston.

Orford had plenty of opportunity to show the selectors what he was capable of and went missing when it counted IMO. It's all very well to say that he would play better behind a bigger/stronger pack, but the mark of a great player is that he will still shine when the chips are down. Orford had his chances and quite frankly was disappointing in a couple of big games this year when he needed to take it by the scruff of the neck.

No problems with Hornby getting the nod ahead of him, he simply played better and deserves his chance.
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Just on test selections

I really hope the Pom's beat us (Lyon and Kite to have blinders tho)
Using a rotational system is an insult to the opposition and it cheapens the Australian jersey
Why rest the frikkin half back. Why rest anyone?
Its gonna turn into a farce like the Aussie cricket team. Ohhh , Ponting needs a rest. He had only played one game of the season after many months off.
Agreed Earl. These blokes are getting paid a fortune and are supposed to be elite athletes. Unless injured they should be playing every game that they are eligible for.
I'm sure Ox wouldn't want to be rested.
I wonder if Thurston agreed with it. Could you imagine them asking for Joey to have a rest , when he was in his prime. I know what his response would have been.
It's because Ox can't play with new teammates. He has to be comfortable with the blokes around him before he can be of any use. He proved this in the first few weeks with Manly and again in City vs Country. I don't know if he has a problem communicating or what but until he knows the boot size & birthdays of the blokes around him he's lost.

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