Hoppa to take over Dessies job?


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By Iain Payten
December 10, 2005

FORMER Manly bad boy John Hopoate has been banned from rugby league for one year after being found guilty of threatening a junior official.

The NSWRL yesterday capped off another year of controversy for Hopoate with the ruling he can have no official participation in rugby league for 2006 and will stay on probation until 2010.

The former Test winger dodged a life ban, however, with the NSWRL taking into account his service to junior league and even stating it will help Hopoate become a qualified coach during his ban :blaugh: . An investigation found Hopoate, acting as a water boy, had threatened a touch judge during a under-13 final between his son William's Manly Cove side and the Western City Tigers in September.

Hopoate denied telling a touch judge he'd "see him after the game" but the NSWRL sub-committee, comprising of lawyer John Reardon, Dr Bill Monaghan and Eric Cox, yesterday handed its recommendations to the NSWRL board.

"He's suspended in 2006 and any breach of accepted behaviour by John will be taken very seriously until 2010, It is difficult enough for junior officials and it was important to be seen giving full support to the officials in such a situation," said NSWRL boss Geoff Carr.

"The committee were mindful, however, that John has a lot to offer. He has a big family and a love of rugby league."

Hopoate, who coached four junior teams this year, last night said his ban was "a good and bad result".

"I regret what happened but don't feel it warrants a 12-month ban," he said.

"At the same time, they've said they are prepared to help me out through a coaching course, which I am looking forward to.

"I can still go and watch my kids play football but I can't act in any official capacity."
"I'll cop it on the chin like I have with everything else that has happened to me."

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What do you think lads.

Hoppa for Manly NRL coach in 2009?

(I think Dessie signed for another 3 years ;) )


not a fan of hoppa, i challenge you to find a thread where i've stated i had any sorta respect for him!!

Can understand he was alright at wing (i guess you can class that as a bit of respect) but i personally wouldn't like him to have anything to do with the club!!

Perhaps if i was to meet him i would have a different opinion but the only times i have had a chance to meet him he's been suspended and not really with the rest of the team!!

For me i'd say no! There is better people out there for the job!


Yeh give him a shot at it, but he needs to get some experience in coaching first.

Anyway Toovey is next in line for the job after Des is finished in my opinion.

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