Hoppa May Play Again???

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Is it a slow news day? Daily Telegraph is running this story.

(Spare my days!!!!!!)

Sea Eagles consider Hoppa lifeline


June 10, 2005

MANLY have privately spoken about the possibility of controversial winger John Hopoate being reinstated for the club's charge into the finals.

The Daily Telegraph understands the Manly board has not been notified of any possible move but it has been briefly discussed among coaching staff.

The possible move would have to overcome several significant hurdles before becoming reality.

But Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler last night vehemently denied his club was interested in recalling Hopoate.

Hopoate was suspended for 17 matches after a sickening high hit on Cronulla prop Keith Galloway in a round two matches at Brookvale Oval.

He was subsequently sacked by the Manly club and deregistered by the NRL.

Manly would have to reapply to the NRL to register Hopoate.

That would have to be done before June 30.

The NRL has the power to veto any application.

Hasler said his club would not reinstate Hopoate.

"It's not possible," he said.

"It's not something we have entertained. It is only rumour and I have dismissed it.

"We haven't spoken about the idea."

But there does remain a chance Hopoate will be back.

For all his misdemeanours, Manly's coaching staff are fully aware of the impact Hopoate would have either as a winger or coming off the bench.

Hopoate has kept fit during his suspension by training for an amateur boxing career and has a staunch supporter in Manly's majority shareholder Max Delmege.

The possible move shows Manly are now starting to genuinely think they are a chance of a top-four finish and then focus on winning a premiership.

His lengthy suspension would have Hopoate primed for a comeback in round 20 although Manly have the bye that weekend.

He would then be available in round 21 against North Queensland at Brookvale Oval in late July.

Hopoate remains popular with the Manly players and often trains with them in preparation for his boxing debut in about six weeks.

The former Australian and NSW player was in the Manly dug-out for last Friday night's match against the Sydney Roosters at Aussie Stadium.

During his judiciary hearing earlier this year, Hopoate described his tackle on Galloway as careless, clumsy and misjudged.
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Quite likely paper talk but an interesting development anyway. No idea what the source is, except that the story appears in the Friday Telegraph!!
lol, im with you Fluff!


hit Man Hoppa!

on a serious note, even though we have done well, we have definately missed the football aspect, his hit ups etc is there a better winger in the game as a hit up merchant? especially while we are playing this tight dummy half run format ? we wouyld simply have to send him out to the wing in defence and say stay out of trouble!
What a crock of **** article. Dessie's denied it, they still run with it. No way would Manly be dumb enough to give him a 15th chance, or would they, they did give him a 14th chance.
I'd like to see it.
Bring back the biff !
We need some mongrel & he's the bloke to do it. Is is coincidence that without him the attack seems to lack muscle, but the defence is more organised ?
No chance though, too many people would have to admit they were wrong.
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The question has to be asked: Max loves Hoppa.

Does Max pick the players we sign or is that up to management????????

Recent events give a hint to the answer!!
What a crock of **** article. Dessie's denied it, they still run with it. No way would Manly be dumb enough to give him a 15th chance, or would they, they did give him a 14th chance.

but it will sell papers !!!

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