Hoppa in trouble again again

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Journey Man
Just heard that when he was crossing the road he looked to the left, then to the right, but he DID NOT look to the left again
tsk tsk hoppa.

why did the chicken cross the road?

Because the press said that Hoppa verbally abused the chicken
Bottom line with Hopppa is that he has made his bed and now he has to lie in it!!

I agree that the media now does not give him a fair go - but he has given them plenty of fodder in the past. The media love to have their villains and polarise, trivialise and generalise.

Like it or not he is a marked man and he has to acdept that and act accordingly. Anything he does will be blown out of proportion. It is a known fact - nothing anyone (except Hoppa with continued good behaviour) can do to change it!
Yeah I agree CW - he has made his own bed but the issue does sound rather trivial.
Calling a ballboy a "little ****" hardly warrants back page material.
I find with alot of kids these days well to put it bluntly they are little ****s with no respect (not unlike Hoppa at times). How do we know this sweet innocent ball boy is so innocent- here we have a ballby who would have had a pretty good idea of Hoppas past and how much he could milk it for !
If that's all Hoppa said I think this has all been blown way way out of proportion- I'm sure he's not the first ball boy to be abused and I'm sure it's no where near the worst case of abuse- hell, **** would hardly be classified as a swear word by todays generation. Yes Hoppa has made his own bed and so if it had been anyone else I'm not even sure whether or not the ball boy would've complained.
Yeah I know.... I'm sure there are plenty of jouros from within the various organisations that disagree with what is being plastered on the back page.
I do understand sometimes when you're stuck with something to run with for the back page you do have to resort to sensationalising storys like Hoppas- it's not really a matter of what you personally think of the story but how many papers you will sell with it and keeping your job- sort of like a catch 22 situation on whether to take a moral stance or not.
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