Hoppa in More Trouble!

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Even after the negative publicity of this year and all that is past 'Our' Hoppa has done it again.


I am starting to get weary of the defence of this guy. I was one of those that didn't want to see him back this year - he has just blotted his copybook too far and his effect on the younger players is not what our club needs in my view.

He gets the "he's a lovely bloke" and "committed family man" support but you seriously have to start wondering with the continual rubbish that he seems to dish up.

I continually watch the videos to see how good he was in the past but I just can't defend him anymore as he just doesn't learn. Manly did the right thing to let him go!!


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I can't say I didn't see this coming.

I just dont believe after his whole controversial career, it may finnaly come to a complete end at a Juniors match.


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"Dennis Spagarino, who recently returned from Sicily after representing the family in debate over a deceased estate, has rejected suggestions from his colleagues that Hoppa will wake one morning with a horse's head at the end of his bed."

Ermm, there is already a horse's arse in the bed. No real surprises in this news item. Take up chess Hoppa.


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once a fool , always a fool !!

I never have & never will defend this guy. He is much more suited to boxing ( ala Mike Tyson )


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For all those fools that called for Hoppa's comeback,here is more proof that he is too stupid to learn from his action's.He is a total disgrace.We would all hope never to be heard from again,but i dont believe in miracles.He cant help himself.I also hope we dont look at Willie Manu who is Hoppa's cousin.We dont need another idiot in a Manly jersey.

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I have a few mates in the Manly Refs Assoc and they have said this type of incident with Hoppa is not a one off occurance. He regulary abuses refs when watching/coaching the kids.


yeah bring hoppa back!!! where are those idiots now ????? probably hiding with the save Monaghs brigade!

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