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Journey Man
I'd like to get as many of your opinions as possible here. Can I ask what you guys feel about the following question.

Do you think that the players honestly care for their fans (not just at Manly), or do you think that when they are asked to take photos, and speak to people they don't know, they are quietly saying to themselves, "jeez, here we go again"? Do you think the players take the fans for granted? Do you think they feel it there DUTY to endure us, as it is their job to do so. OR do you think they are possibly too young to understand the worth of a "supporter", until say, they are Hills age?

I know there are clubs like the Nth Qld Cowboys who pride themselves on being a club for the fans, but if you could keep your responses to my question being a generality.

Also, make it the club, not just the players.

In MY opinion - I think Manly are more about the money, more about the progression in career, rather than the fans. I think clubs like Nth Qld really VALUE their clients. I don't think you'd find their media person abusing people on the internet.

I don't know, it's a tough one.


First Grader
I "think" some players treat the fans as a joke. But most are genuinely happy to chat and have photos etc.

Some are shy, sometimes players have to listen to a fan crap on for half an hour, I can suggest they dont appreciate this!

Sometimes I do wonder if the players feel for the club and fans in terms of putting in on the park. the 68-6 game springs to mind.
But I think the big money players have performed well this year.
I think that like life in general it would depend on the personality of the player involved some would be happy to talk to fans and have photo's taken etc while some would think of it as a neccesary evil. It would correspond to a players status in the game as the attention an Andrew Johns or a Darren Lockyer gets in public would cause them to become jaded & enjoy the spotlight less while a Paul Stephenson or a Mark Bryant would be more appreciative

Canteen Worker

First Grader
All people have aspects of their jobs that they hate.

Most footy players got to where they have because of their talent on the field. However today's money and media driven game requires clubs (and therefore their players) to service their sponsors and fans in a manner not experienced in the previous years.

In those days drinking sessions etc were swept under the carpet as there wasn't the scrutiny of today. There also weren't the PR expectations. Sponsors want value for money and want both success and squeaky clean publicity.

Times are a changing in professional sport and clubs have a reponsibility to protect their interests, those of the sponsors and those of the game.

They must prepare and equip the players for this new world - which is not easy for some dinosaurs in the game. (Look at the controversy around Hoppa!!!) Clubs must have strategies to do this.

I am not sure how to compare club's success on this - though the media manager and front office is important as the level of accountability placed on the players. That Manly have a security guard that accompanies the team when away is a good step. The culture of a club is also important to foster!


Premium Member
I doubt that we will ever know the true answer to that Ryan. The players have an obligation to the fans, so like many of us in our careers we are nice to people that we have to be nice to, even if we don't like them, but our proffessions usually demand it.

I had the privilige of meeting many of the players in the dressing sheds last Saturday night. Whilst each one was obliging & friendly the overriding feeling that I got was it was just part of the job. I have no problem with that because I am sure the last thing I would want to do is a "meet & greet" after getting bashed for the previous 80 minutes.


Reserve Grader
Yeh i think they do. When i met the guys after the Cowboys match and they had just lost, they took time to talk to me even after what had just happened

Spuds Bodyguard

Reserve Grader
I think a lot of players feel a bit daunted by the whole experience. They are after all just regular people. I don't know about you but I don't get recognized everywhere I go. It must be a bit strange.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
No anonymity is a pain for these guys. Having to talk footy everywhere you go. Would be a pain. Players love living in Melbourne where only their mothers recognise them!!


I think if you meet people who genuinely appreciate & have an understanding of what happens then that person would be welcomed by all but the most arrogant or unfriendly of public figures. But as in all walks of life footy players are a mix of good & bad.

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