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Can NSW play a dirty trick and list him to play for Parra this weekend. After he serves his suspension - missing their game - can NSW then pick him as a late inclusion for Wednesday's game???

I think QLD did something similar a few years back.

Interesting selection dilemma if Hindmarsh is ruled out. No Watmough so who do they pick???


He's already been named for NSW so it's too late, should have done the TBA trick.

If he's out it should be Menzies>in, O'Meley>bench I think.


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They closed that loophole after Qld did it with Tuqiri.

What are you worried about? He plays for NSW. He'll go to the judiciary and get off.

Mark my words.

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The old QLD conspiracy theory - always emergences at this time every year.

The NSW hard heads sitting at desks in Phillip St wondering how they can rort the system to somehow deflect truth, honour and the redneck way. Didn't Joh start this sort of paranoia that Pauline and her ilk capitalised upon in their scare-mongering!


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Well the Broncos, read the Queensland decision centre, have Carrol as TBA and he is allowed to line up against the Sharks this weekend, while the Sharks lose Nutley. Now tell me that this isn't a maroon conspiracy. No, couldn't be - they have never done anything like this before!


QLD rorting the system as usual. Sigh.

You'd think they would want to win honourably, but no they cant so they try anything. Oh well.


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Queensland are not advantaged by playing someone this weekend and having them back up 4 days later. I'd say Carrolland Tate or on legitimate trial, maybe with one or two other smokies.

On the subject of Hindmarsh, even with maroon glasses on, his charge is a helluva koke. What is his crime? Tackling in the same manner that Storm players complete every tackle? Even in the Manly vs Bulldogs game there were countless similar tackles.

I can't for the life of me work out how he has been charged.


he tried to sperate a poms head from his shoulders, i have no problem with that, hopefully Brett Lee can do the same in upcoming months


No I am accusing Brisbane and QLD and anything relating to either. Mainly cause I'm biased, but you wont hear me admit that.

It does seem slack. They should put in stronger rules with selection, though this controversy is sure fun!

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