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Hillsboro 1989

Discussion in 'Football (Soccer)' started by vidmar, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. vidmar

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    On the 15th April 1989 in the UK, supporters just like us went to see their team play a game of football as Liverpool played Nottingham Forest in a FA cup semi final.

    96 Liverpool fans tragically lost their lives as a result.

    Many people had friends and family at the game, much the same as most sporting events (even ones that you and I get to?)

    Bear in mind it was well before mobile phones were carried by everyone but try to imagine how we would have felt if they felt on a Saturday arvo when the TV went quiet and then this went to air in homes around the country…


    I’m sorry if this post is “just another sad story”

    We are, unfortunately at the moment, presented with such terrible tragedy on what seems to be a continued and regular basis.

    However, many of you know I’m a father of 2 young children who come with me to games.

    I love seeing you at games, you introduce your friends and familiar faces to me – we’re on the Hill or your favourite part of the ground…Think about those that you’ve had the craic with on the bus or at trips to Melbourne, QLD or even NZ…those that you catch up with or bump in to at the game.

    Those that you plan to meet with once or twice a year at games….

    Imagine sitting at home with a cold one , the kids and a barbie with friends on the way when Ray Hadley, the big Marn and Bozo stop for a second and then get serious and kick this off

    Imagine how such a tragedy would impact me, you and our community?

    These are the people (and how old they were on the 15th April 1989) that went to that game and didn’t come home…

    • John Alfred Anderson (62)
    • Colin Mark Ashcroft (19)
    • James Gary Aspinall (18)
    • Kester Roger Marcus Ball (16)
    • Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67)
    • Simon Bell (17)
    • Barry Sidney Bennett (26)
    • David John Benson (22)
    • David William Birtle (22)
    • Tony Bland (22)
    • Paul David Brady (21)
    • Andrew Mark Brookes (26)
    • Carl Brown (18)
    • David Steven Brown (25)
    • Henry Thomas Burke (47)
    • Peter Andrew Burkett (24)
    • Paul William Carlile (19)
    • Raymond Thomas Chapman (50)
    • Gary Christopher Church (19)
    • Joseph Clark (29)
    • Paul Clark (18)
    • Gary Collins (22)
    • Stephen Paul Copoc (20)
    • Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23)
    • James Philip Delaney (19)
    • Christopher Barry Devonside (18)
    • Christopher Edwards (29)
    • Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons (34)
    • Thomas Steven Fox (21)
    • Jon-Paul Gilhooley (10)
    • Barry Glover (27)
    • Ian Thomas Glover (20)
    • Derrick George Godwin (24)
    • Roy Harry Hamilton (34)
    • Philip Hammond (14)
    • Eric Hankin (33)
    • Gary Harrison (27)
    • Stephen Francis Harrison (31)
    • Peter Andrew Harrison (15)
    • David Hawley (39)
    • James Robert Hennessy (29)
    • Paul Anthony Hewitson (26)
    • Carl Darren Hewitt (17)
    • Nicholas Michael Hewitt (16)
    • Sarah Louise Hicks (19)
    • Victoria Jane Hicks (15)
    • Gordon Rodney Horn (20)
    • Arthur Horrocks (41)
    • Thomas Howard (39)
    • Thomas Anthony Howard (14)
    • Eric George Hughes (42)
    • Alan Johnston (29)
    • Christine Anne Jones (27)
    • Gary Philip Jones (18)
    • Richard Jones (25)
    • Nicholas Peter Joynes (27)
    • Anthony Peter Kelly (29)
    • Michael David Kelly (38)
    • Carl David Lewis (18)
    • David William Mather (19)
    • Brian Christopher Mathews (38)
    • Francis Joseph McAllister (27)
    • John McBrien (18)
    • Marion Hazel McCabe (21)
    • Joseph Daniel McCarthy (21)
    • Peter McDonnell (21)
    • Alan McGlone (28)
    • Keith McGrath (17)
    • Paul Brian Murray (14)
    • Lee Nicol (14)
    • Stephen Francis O'Neill (17)
    • Jonathon Owens (18)
    • William Roy Pemberton (23)
    • Carl William Rimmer (21)
    • David George Rimmer (38)
    • Graham John Roberts (24)
    • Steven Joseph Robinson (17)
    • Henry Charles Rogers (17)
    • Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton (23)
    • Inger Shah (38)
    • Paula Ann Smith (26)
    • Adam Edward Spearritt (14)
    • Philip John Steele (15)
    • David Leonard Thomas (23)
    • Patrik John Thompson (35)
    • Peter Reuben Thompson (30)
    • Stuart Paul William Thompson (17)
    • Peter Francis Tootle (21)
    • Christopher James Traynor (26)
    • Martin Kevin Traynor (16)
    • Kevin Tyrrell (15)
    • Colin Wafer (19)
    • Ian David Whelan (19)
    • Martin Kenneth Wild (29)
    • Kevin Daniel Williams (15)
    • Graham John Wright (17)
    Rest in Peace

    Shortly following the disaster The Sun, one of the biggest selling tabloid newspapers in the UK printed many lies about that tragic day, putting the blame squarely on fans and their supposed atrocious behavior.


    Stephen Smith a local musician from Liverpool has recently released an album which contains a track called 'Liar, Liar' which he has just released in an attempt to get it into the UK charts for the week leading up to the Hillsborough Disaster.

    There has been a campaign by fellow Liverpool fans to help get the song into the charts and to raise awareness of not only the lies told by The Sun but to maybe even bring that deserved justice to those family members that one step closer to reality.

    I’m joining the call to ask people to download the song to help bring awareness of the tragedy and the pain and sorrow it brought to a much wider audience and push that fight for justice one step closer to completion.

    Stephen Smith has said that whatever he personally makes from it will be donated to the Hillsborough Support Group.

    For more info see the thread here on:

    The track cost $1.69 – read the above and then listen to the song



    Thank you
  2. tractorboy

    tractorboy Member

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    Even as a young 6 year old in England at the time I still have a bit of a memory of this. Although it wasn't untill years later that I fully understood what actually happened on that terrible day.
    Remember a couple of years back watching the 20 anniversary documentary. Now as most know I am not a Liverpool fan. But doesn't matter who you support, doesn't even matter if you don't like football. It was impossible not to shed a few tears after watching that.

    I will admit Vid I didn't realise about the sun and what they wrote. But doesn't surprise me. Everyone knows what crap they write. Great and very touching song.
    Just watched again some of the motd footage from the day. Does send chills up ones spine.
    Remembering Hillsborough

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