Hill vs Vagana


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Vagana hit top form last night and I still have nightmares of how he carved us at Brookvale last week.

If Hill is out who will we put up against him?

Alberts and Mullane are still injured.

Johnson? :(
i am not confident about next week, especially without Hill
The thing in our favour is that our forwards are a helluva lot bigger than theirs and we're at home. We could grind them down fairly effectively.

We will have to containe that rotten traitorous halfback, Dykes and Vagana.
I am still confident against the sharks.

Johnson may go okay against vagana, he is a big boy with pace, but it will be our forwards that bring it home
yeah but kaza its manly and 2 reports. its hard to think he wont get at least a week
but how will Cronulla go without their half back?

I think they will be at a bigger loss.. but im sure he will get off free.

I hope Taylor gets promoted to the centre spot if Tezza is out. Just dont put Menzies!
No hill =

* Watmough > 3
* Beaver > 3
* Willow > 3

Maybe even Mattai,Johnson or some of the other PL guys might get a go. But my money is on Beaver playing in the 3. x)
Would be nice to have Alberts or Hicks fit especially if Hill gets suspended. But I guess a make shift centre will have to do, either way we are going to miss him if he gets suspended.

You can bag our depth, but any team that loses their top 3 centre options is going to be struggling.

I'd have to go for Willow in the centres, just as a stop gap for a week. Then see how we go from there.

Mattai and Johnson were both poor in Premier League apparently.
what about b stewart to centre and lennon to fullback?
I reckon its our best bet though lennon can play as full back, its been proven, stewart can play and has a good build and speed for a centre.
Anyone who has played a game of football can tell you that you don't switch positions at the drop of a hat!! Centre and Wing are not positions you fill after all the others are taken up. They are specialist positions in both attack and defence. The alignment is different and the demands of being second outside in the defensive line are critical. We need to find genuine centres rather than fill the gaps with whatever is left!!

I laugh at this Watmough is a centre bit - just because you are quick doesn't mean squat!!!
we have no choice CW, we have to fill with our best players, I would feel 100 times more confident with stewart in one centre spot and lennon in fullback than some premier league OK player there

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