hey thats my line!!! ha!

read below,,,,,

"well one day we have Hoppa calling a ball boy a little [email protected]#%^ , im not condoning this, but im guessing the young fella has probably been called worst! Its full page all over the back page of the telegraph, full page picture of the ball boy etc etc etc

The next day we have Justin Harrison racially villifying an opposition player, something that all the football codes, all sports for that matter, have been desperate to stamp out of the game for years, back Page as well ???? NO CHANCE, hidden 7 pages in , in the same paper ?????

to some it may look like Zorbas column in this mornings daily! some may recognise it from a post earlier this week!!! Ok zorb, no dramas im happy to help out with story now and then! ;) ;)

serioulsy good onya for sticking up for Hoppa!!!! im sure he cops just as much as he dishes out and never complains, the justing harrison case was a disgrace, more so that he left Nathan Grey to take the brunt of the blame, that shows up super 12s for what it is, passionless, spiritless sterile football, played by rugby mercenaries for no reason other than money, can we imagine supporting a NSW team full of Queenslanders and Sith Ifricins????NO but thats another thread!

:clap: :clap: :clap: Zorba


Kim Jong Dan
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lol I remember you posting that too Pepsi, is it dead set in the daily?
First Grader
Yep, It is in today's daily. I just posted it on the news page!!!

Pepsi, you aren't Zorba in disguise are you? :lol: :lol: !amazed
Journey Man
The line about the unlikelyhood of this being a problem had it been another player was also in that thread - by yours truly.

Maybe we should start a new thread - "Ideas for Zorba's next column".

It's great to be helpful isn't it?
Journey Man
Well it would save him a lot of time at least

Hopium thinks that since he has stolen intellectual property he can be sued.


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
pfffttt as if we would sue him. Its actually a fair compliment for both the site and for the authors of the thread. It woul dhave been nice had the site been credited though!.
After the impression of the site on behalf of the club in the past, its nice to know its taken a little more seriously
if i was zorba in disguise, it would be a very good disguise! slight difference in builds!

i must admit i couldnt believe it when i read it, just had to laugh... definately very flattering as Daniel has said! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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