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You will all remember that Ridgepipe and I have a little wager on King's likelyhood of playing Origin in 2006/7.

Given King's predilection for acheiving rep honours after one decent game, I can only assume that his 145 metres over the weekend against Shrek and Co means that he is just about in line to captain Australia in 11 days' time?

Better get that bank cheque ready sue. :yeah:
thankfully i detect a note of sarcasm in your post.i always pay cash mata but it aint in my budget.genuine improvement no doubt and it is reflected in our team performance.unfortunately they don't hand out green and gold jerseys for performing like a first grader three weeks in a row.the goat factor has compromised rep selections for years but surely this well photographed bestial atrocity is now waning in it's effect.

the key point here is improvement from both he and kite.i am starting to smell serious semi final stuff from our boys as prop was our main weakness on paper.it still lmay be but looks better each week.top 4 is on the cards.i also like the look of rose from his brief appearance.

the other big asset is monaghan playing well at hooker and providing genuine options with a good kicking game.i thought that was his best game for us since he arrived.i continually suggested last year and this year when the masses were calling for him at 7 and 5/8 that he should play 9 and 9 only.that is where the club wanted him to play this year and the improvement of burns and a lift in his attitude has allowed that.7 and 9 are light years apart IMO in terms of continuos pressure to win games for your side. he was a very average half but will develop into a long term 9 for us no doubt.
Journey Man
Did you see this week's Big League?

Three "experts" picking their City vs Country sides and King is an automatic selection for City.
people do not realise how disgusting the photos are mata.how they got so many rep selectors in one barn is beyond me.

city is woefully short of good props who wont rep for australia.if he makes city and bryant doesn't make country on the bench it is a total joke.

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