Here's a tip...


Here's a tip...

Tigers by about 30 this week.

John Cartwright is a joke... he and his Titans **** me no end. He has absolutely no idea!!

Here's the problem with him and the Titans:-

*Preston Campbell is NOT a **** fullback!!
*Gavin Cooper is NOT a First Grade Footballer!!
*They recruited NO size!!
*Chris Walker is a meathead!!
*This week he has a bench consisting of M. Hilder, I. Donnelly, G. Cooper and C. Amos.

Why the hell would you have both Hilder and Amos on the bench???
He has only one front rower on the bench and is going to have a tired Luke Bailey!!
Gavin Cooper is a poor man's backrower!!

They will get flogged this week... put your house on the Tigers by 13+

*Rant Over*
Here's a tip...

Nutz, while I agree with some of your points above, I feel JC has done pretty darn well to get his team to 6 and 6.


First Grader
Here's a tip...

He has no frontrowers left, im sure he might have the option of drafting some from the Qld cup but they must all be sh!t.

Whats the issue with Amos and Hilder on the bench? Its like Des having Ballin and Williamson.

Why do you care for?


Here's a tip...

I agree with you that Preston isn't a fullback but I don't mind Cooper and think Cartwright has done alright this year in his first season- I thought they would go alot worse.


Here's a tip...

I think the fact that they are where they are hasn't got alot to do with John Cartwright.

PJ, you need to watch Cooper more closely... he's borderline embarrassing.


Here's a tip...

admittedly I haven't watched much of him recently- I rated him as a centre for North Queensland


Journey Man
Here's a tip...

I'm just glad that Manly gets to pound another team.
Cartwright has Donnelly / Bailey / Cannings / Myers & co. for next year. His recruitment skills are definitely up there.


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Here's a tip...

Nutz, I'll be moving into your front room tomorrow with the wife and seven kids.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Here's a tip...

I will be moving into fully fitted out guest quarters by the pool. :p

Could you have it spring cleaned for me please brother Nutz.


Here's a tip...

It's a gift isn't it!


They must have shown some ticker.... I still stand by the fact John Cartwright isn't a coaches arsehole and Gavin Cooper is the worst player in the NRL.

Scott Prince is the one keeping them in the games.

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