Hello from Membership HQ


Afternoon Manly fans!

My name is Larissa, some of you may be aware that a few weeks ago I started at the Sea Eagles as the new Membership & Ticketing Manager.

I wanted to take this oppurtunity to introduce myself to the Silvertails forum.

I'll be checking in here from time to time to see if there is anything the membership team and I can help out with.

Unfortunately I wont be able to keep an eye on my Silvertails account as often as I would like. If you need anything from us here at Sea Eagles HQ urgently, it's best you still continue to email us at [email protected] or call us on 9970 3000.

I look forward to getting to know you all, and seeing you out at Brookie!

I've also set up a MembersGuru handle for those of you following the club on twitter..

Go Manly!!



Sea Eagle Lach
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Well done to make official contact with Silvertails. You will find it is an important site capable of playing a significant role in two-way communication between supporters and the club. Given that the club has an agenda and goal of encouraging supporters to join up to some package or other, I commend you to keep an eye on the issues that matter to us supporters. Many of us here are members and many are not.

Wish you every success in the job, and look forward to your initiative signalling a new interest from the club in the broad supporter base.

Mark from Brisbane

“ Boomer still Booming”
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Welcome Larissa....can I also say guys this girl has jumped into her job, boots and all...I have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with her for a week or two now and she really understands the synergy between members / fans and the organisation (she previously work for the AFL side the Swans)....she is a wonderful addition to the team at the Sea Eagles and a real breath of fresh air at the place and it is fantastic to see her here at Silvertails.


Kim Jong Dan
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Welcome Larissa.

Please get in contact with me if there is anything I can do to assist. I would be happy to help drive some membership from here and see how else we can help each other


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Mark from Brisbane link said:
Welcome Larissa....can I also say guys this girl has jumped into her job, boots and all...

Jumping on here is more than anyone else from HQ has managed to do!

Well done Larissa. Good to see someone being proactive in communicating with the supporter base.

bob dylan

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A real person, with some enthusiasm and passion.

I haven't renewed as yet (the first time in many a year), might have to reconsider.

Jatz Crackers

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Hello Larissa and congratulations on your new role in the club.

Great to see the door of communication opened.

Im sure all at Silvertails will treat the door with the utmost respect so it doesnt end up like a door from a Parramatta dressing room.


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
Hi Larissa

great to see you are taking the time to communicate with fans.

Good luck in your role


Reserve Grader
Hello Larissa,

Congratulations on your appointment.

Great to see some online communication from the club. Things are looking better and better all the time.

Ps. Thanx for the seats at Suncorp. Sounds like it's gonna be a BIG night

The Who

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Well done Larissa on making contact. Some of us on the site are in the marketing and communications industry so if you have an idea you'd like to float then don't be afraid to do so. Chances are you may get some sensible input.

Mark from Brisbane

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As I say guys she's a "doer"...working very hard with me to help...but please do treat her with some respect and understand she's been in the role for two weeks...and she's membership so not sponsorship, or merchandise or anything else...but if you have a membership question she'll be more than happy to help I think, and she's VERY effeciant.


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Welcome Larissa to the voice of the Active Manly Fans :)

Please, on behalf of the travelling Manly Supporters in Sydney, have buses (small or large) for us to get to the Gosford and Metro Games.

Its always irritating to read the Coach etc say they want a large crowd, but for those of us unable to drive its a challenge to make the games.  I miss the good old days, up t the 1990's, when there was always a bus at $5 per seat :;


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Agree with the HappilyManly  post.  Can they put on a bus, any size, to take fans from the club up to Bluetongue.  Great way to travel to games.  Should be heavily advertised.  Just read Mark's post.  Excellent.  C'mon boys and girls, leave the car at home and catch the bus.  I live at Newtown.  I drive to Brooky, leave the car in the carpark and have a safe journey.  Don't forget, all those bogan Souffs fans will be on the road.   

Mark from Brisbane

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I only knew than DSM because Vid e-mailed me before to say they were still going to run it BUT naturally they want more people.


Journey Man
My lack of membership is pure laziness...nothing more....same goes for you Vid - sorry mate - when at work, head down, bum firmly up. Got your messages - well get onto it when I can.

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