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Have we shot ourselves in the foot moving forw

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by sean john, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. sean john

    sean john Bring Back The Biff

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    Firstly we don't have to many players off contract in 2017 other than Matai and Stewart if still around. Add the likes of Parker, Bainbridge, Lawrence, Winterstein and Taufua??. It seems we won't have an overly generous amount in the cap for serious recruiting given the turbos will be upgraded along the likes of AFB I would hope. The signing of Uate, Meehan, Green, Meehan, Myles, Brown, The Wright brothers and more than likely bird / sironen and Matagi on multi yr deals! Makes me think we may be sticking with the squad we field for next year for a few seasons. There seems to be a fair bit of talent coming off contract in 2017. And wonder if we have sold ourselves short? And what direction we will be heading in and who we should target and why the hell we are signing Old heads for two / three yr deals ( uate, wright, green, myles, brown, bird?matagi? Moa?)which could potentially screw us with a lot of deadweight unless we can move on names I've just mentioned. with players like DWZ, Holmes, Fusitua, Blake, Hurrell, Rapana, Tupou, Kahu, Taukeiaho, Moeroa, James, Woods, Moses, Townsend, Matulino, Paasi, Peachey, Akauola, Taumololo, Glenn, McGuire, Oates, Feldt, Milford, Reynolds, Brooks, Ferguson, Kenny Dowall, Pauli Pauli, Foran, Roberts, Johnston, Milne, Manu, Napa, Evans, J Bird, Asofa, McLean etc. being available to negotiate with soon. Why aren't these priorities? I would of thought a top notch signing would of been a priority from recruitment rather than filing gaps. I would rather us try and attempt the poaching of an old head like Hargreaves, SKD, Woods, Matulino, Glenn, Chambers for eg on bigger dollars that still have an upside rather than picking up players spat out of clubs on the decline. Instead the rumours are we are looking at an injury prone centre in WHARE!! Four reserve graders in j wright, lane, uate and sironen. Two thirty yr old plus players to add with Myles and green.Surely an Isaac Liu would be cheaper than a Greg bird. And a fusitua cheaper than a Whare? Gray cheaper than Uate? Green and Cullen's money combined for a five eighth that we can build a team around. I think we may have a few cellar dwellars. While we wait for the older crop to move on and the younger to develop hoping players like the turbos will help attract quality players in their primes to manly.

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