Hasler and pre season

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at the begining of the season we were all thinking the early start did us good, but the second half of the season, well need i explain.
im not so sure the early start is as good as first thought as the boys really struggled towards the end.
fitness is very important and thats a great thing with hasler but i think we need a more creative coach!
Also stewart great player but might be better served in another position as my heart pounded every time the bomb went up, this is a serious problem and the opposing sides know it.
maybe we should look for a new fullback and move stewart to 5/8 he is so fast it would be exciting see him there, with orford at half it may just be some thing special. dont get me wrong i think the blokes great, just that high ball!
what do you think?
Mate - Anthony Minichello Achilles Heal was under the high ball early on. He was found out many times. I think it just comes with confidence. Minichello right now is full of it, Brett - not so.
Whilst he WOULD be good around the middle of the park, I don't think he has the ball skills to be a true 5/8. I WOULD like him to inject himself more like Hunt does for The Broncos.
These high ball bad patches tend to happen at sometime in a players careers.
His mistakes this year will make him a better player next year.

The players get Months off, so I say they should start training as soon as possible. Add to that the fact they get numerous days off during the week, they enjoy byes etc...
They only REALLY work for 6-7 months a year.
Look at Ricky Stuart - his team are STILL training..
You think our are?
I agree with need something different in the coaching staff, but I think Blockhead should be the 1st to go. His stats speak for themselves.
Stewy dropped very few high balls outside the brisbane game in round 8. I think we should stick with him in this position - he is very good.

If we need a 5/8 we should look for a 5/8 and stop sticking second rowers there
I think Dessie did the correct training prior to the season. Who knows if they didn't train hard we could have finished last...........easily.

I agree that Dessie may not be creative enough. I also think he struggled to get the team ready easpecially after the mid season when other clubs had us worked out.

regarding Brett he can be a little suss under the high ball but he's also had some great games under pressure. I would leave him at fullback.
I think it all comes down to entuiasm as well, look at the Tigers and the Cowboys they are both jumping out of our skins which all comes down to the coaching staff to instill it at the right time of the season, Manly did look tired in the 2nd half of the season, but we did lack a 5/8th /half combo and also someone to guide and shout at our forwards which Orford does very well at,
Des should take notes on how Sheens and Murray are coaching and try to instill them at brookie
Team P W L PD Pts
6 5 1 59 12
6 5 1 20 12
6 4 2 53 10
6 4 2 30 10
7 4 2 25 9
7 4 3 40 8
7 4 3 24 8
7 4 3 -8 8
7 4 3 -18 8
7 3 3 20 7
7 3 4 31 6
7 3 4 17 6
6 2 4 -31 6
7 3 4 -41 6
7 2 5 -29 4
6 1 5 -102 4
6 0 6 -90 2
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