Has the Man of Steel rusted ??

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Chip and Chase

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Maybe it's the sea air but Lyon's involvement this year has been next to non existent.

I know that there is a school of thought that maybe Monas and Burns aren't the best promoters of the football, but when you look at the level of involvement of Bell and Stewart (especially on Lyon's side of the field) than you have got to wonder. Maybe he should go looking for the ball a bit more and try and involve himself. He was at dummy half on quite a few occassions today and I don't think he had a run once. When you consider the amount of involvement that Stuey had today there has got to be scope for Lyon to get in there and have a crack in a ball playing position, even if it's just once every couple of sets. For someone who is touted as a possible 5/8 option he doesn't seem that keen on getting his hands on the ball.

I don't know whether he is still getting used to the pace of the game over here or whether it's a direct order from Des, but I'm a little disappointed with his contribution to date. Obviously he has done nothing wrong, just expected a bit more spark. Am I being too harsh ??


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Put it this way C&C. Having him there adds a completely different element to our team. Oppositions focuis on marking him etc, which opens it up for other players.
He has scored a few tries, and kicked a few sideline conversions.
He's in a new team, so has to gel. He would have practiced most off season at 5/8.
Lyon should be Prime Minister. Hehehe.

He's all good mate. Get Orford in @ 1/2, and he'll get better quality ball. Add Beaver giving him ball (so to speak) as well.


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Lyon is second before today in the points scored. His goal kicking is excellent as is his defense. The attack is stifled by Monas inability to deliver quality ball. His ovehead passes today made my heart stop. They were late and soft.

Chip and Chase

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That makes him an expensive decoy runner than.

Maybe Orford will make a difference to his game, but I'd like to see him be more proactive. I'll have to have a look at the stats from today, but to me it didn't seem like he had many possessions.

Why not get in there at first receiver a few times and get something going with Bell or Stuey, especially inside opposition 20m.

Hopefully he'll warm into it.


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Yeah, someone (Mata?) made the comment last year and I'll have to agree there. Hopefully he'll be moved to lock when Menzies gets back, although he did make a couple of good runs (such as the one off the kick-off).


Jamie has been very quiet. I hope it's just a case of being in a new team.

I agree with C & C in that he should go looking for the ball more.


Journey Man
I noticed there was a fair bit of sniping going Lyon's way last week and kept my mouth shut. but after today I would have to say he's under a bit of pressure to do something to justify his big pay packet.

Apart from the first game he has been solid at best. Probably did the least of all 4 centres on the park today.

Thought Bell started to show some good touches.


he has got Choc taking the pass inside him and he isnt much of a passer, also with the greatest respect. Monaghs doesnt exactly get quick ball outwide. The commentators where commenting how he "double pumps" or throws a dummy then passes nearly every time he goes wide, this gives the defence a few extra yards on the reciever.

Lyon was solid at best today, a few good runs, excellent in defence. dont forget first two games where in the wet so the outside guys didnt see much action.


yeah, has hasnt really set the world on fire just yet, but he has been pretty solid considering our first choice 7 has a busted knee, ankle, leg or whatever it is.

i think he'll fire up soon. the guy is the pommy dally m winner, so should be wowing everyone soon

Spuds Bodyguard

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I had the advtange of watching a lot of lyon's action in front of me to today and i am actually starting to think that his lack of strikepower so far this season may be more to do with the positioning of robertson outside him. Robertson is an extremely conservative winger that always plays it safe and i got the impression a few times lyon was prepared to take them on outwide but it always broke down without good options. He has always been a player whos strength is his ability to get on the outside with speed and footwork and i dont think robertson is the best compliment for him


UFO Hunter
I thought bell had a shocker.

Every time we looked like we had them spreading it wide, he'd do his trademark stop, prop and shuffle back in field completely stopping the flow of attack.

I said last week and I don't think Lyon looks interested in anything at the moment. I had to think how we'd be struggling for depth if he wasn't at the club though.


I was at the game & was surprised at how little Jamie added to the attack. He got through quite a bit of defensive work but I kept waiting for him to do something special in attack! Monas has to stop throwing those bloody loopy passes if the backs are to get any attacking chances though.

Canteen Worker

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I think many are being too harsh. Manly seem to move the ball laterally but without very much forward movement, drawing the inside men. Therefore both Bell, Lyon the wingers are getting the ball flat-footed and with cover heading their way. Both are class and hopefully our pattern will see them getting more space in weeks to come.


Lyon's defence is really good I noticed.

His attack hasn't been exciting but he hasn't gotten much ball with any room to move. I'm still keen for him to be six.


considering our experiment to put him in six only last a few minutes in round one, i'm keen to see him get a run there too.

both bell and lyon have been pretty quiet. once ox gets back, we'll see them get more action.
I think there are a number of reasons Lyon is not firing:
1. Monas and Burns are too slow to get the ball out to him
2. When they do get it to him, it is all very flat-footed stuff. They need to be more deep.
3. G Stewart is probably taking some of his ball
4. Lyon needs time to adapt and feel confident. I see this taking another month at least.

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