Has Sean Meaney left?



Someone on the MEE forum has said that Sean Meaney has signed with the tigers.

I thought that this guy was one of our gun S G Ball players of the future.

Has anyone heard if this is true?


Just saw that and freaked out. Hope not. He is the future of this club.
Whoever let him go (if they did) is an enemy agent. This can't be right.
Why have we signed a friggin pensioner like Bell if we haven't already got his replacement secured.
This sh1t does my head in !


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i would be very suprised

both meaney and groom were a class above the rest of the flegg team in the 2 games i saw later in the year


It would be nice if the new forum had updates from the club as to what is happening with new signings/retention etc. Instead there has been silence since the new forum started.

It would be nice of media woke up and put out a comment stating whether it is true or not.


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I just read that over at MSE and came straight here to start a topic. If this is at anyway true I will personally write a letter to the club, despite a few injuries this guy is the kind of kid we need at the club. A great talent, Manly junior, outside back.... what the hell else do you want. He played NSW under 17's and was put into the first grade squad the next year, if he didn't get injured IMO he'd be playing consistent NRL footy already.

To sign blokes like Robertson and release Meaney is a travesty! Unfortunately it seems as if the club are going in a similar direction as the NE days, paying the wrong people too much money and losing juniors.

King and Monaghan are overpaid and underperform, Meaney will comeback to bite the club on the arse. Don't be surprised to see him grab the leaving Pat Richards' wing spot next year.

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I wouldn't stress about it. Check out the profile of the poster who said it and you'll realise its crap.

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